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Posted by Judith Soames, May 9 2006 10:15PM

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CPD desert

With all this talk of registration and how much it will cost the therapist, I would like to point out how therapists in the North of England and Scotland are already penalised by the lack of CPD courses offered. I looked through the CPD booklet accompanying the Embody magazine with envy at all the wonderful courses available to people living in the south and the midlands. But in Newcastle which is where I live there was only one course in Hot Stones Therapy, which is a wonderful treatment, but I don't want to study it. The nearest variety of courses are in yorkshire and I would have to pay for the course, pay for travel and usually an over night stay and all the extra costs such as breakfast, etc that soon add up.

I know this is nobody's fault, however it isn't exactly equal opportunities either. Could course fees be reduced for people who can prove they have had to pay travel and lodging? Could course providers be tempted further north with financial rewards from a Embody? Complementary therapists work to harmonise and create balance so please can something be done to redress this North/South imbalance??!

Jude stuck North of Watford
Mariette Lobo
May 9 2006 11:22PM
My sentiments, exactly, Judith. There is such a dearth of quality CPD or practitioner diploma courses north of the border or Scotland - private or public.
Much of the current activity over CPD, regulation etc seem to be driven by Schools and therapists south of Watford, with their specific interests in mind. We're getting left well behind, but perhaps it is partly our fault. I am struggling to keep a local group going as barely half a dozen, out of a membership of over 50 "names", show any interest in the meetings/events organised on their behalf. I really do feel we're getting a raw deal - from professional organisations (multi, or single therapy), course providers, and - unless we take the trouble to reply to the FIH document about regulation (deadline for replies is end-July) - from the FIH itself.

And what about local colleges in all of this - haven't they a part to play?

Thank you for starting this debate.

Mariette Lobo
Local Coordinator, Tayforth
Jon Critoph
May 10 2006 8:34AM
This very much where the local support groups come in. The local group coordinators work very hard to put on a varied programme and at least 5 ewents per year. Each gains 2 CPD credits and many of the talks go on to offer a workshop given sufficient interest. So the course will be local and full of people you have met before. It is a great networking opportunity as well and a chance to lose some of thta feeling of isolation thta can exist when working on your own in this industry. If we don't support them they will close down and then they will be missed. I believe you have a local support group somewhere nearby.

Jon Critoph
Local Group Coordinator
High Wycombe and District
Judith Soames
May 11 2006 9:48PM
Thanks for your support Mariette and Jon. Yes I have contacted my local group and I am attending their next meeting which promises to be interesting, and I think meeting up with other therapists is a great way to learn new skills and hear of new ideas.
However I still would like to see a better variety of Embody recognised courses offered in the North. Why is there such a lack of courses? Is it to do with lack of interest, lack of trained tutors, lack of money?
Mariette Lobo
May 11 2006 11:13PM
I suspect it is a bit of all 3, Judith - but especially lack of interest and trained tutors. Those who are trained are too busy running their clinics and working part-time at local colleges (I'm one of them!). In addition, there is little or no emphasis on CPD at colleges so the latter not really interested in putting on courses beyond the basic qualifications. This might, of course, change with Regulation as past students might now demand CPD courses in order to retain their memberships etc. But then colleges have to find tutors able to deliver quality courses and this could prove tricky - there aren't many around.

It would also be interesting to see if anyone from Embody Management will respond to your idea that Embody sponsor/subsidise CPD courses for members. Better still, what about course providers from other areas who are willing to come up to the North of England/Scotland - at affordable rates?

Mariette Lobo
May 13 2006 7:41PM
I was sent the following email and am forwarding it, via this Forum, to those interested in CPD courses in Scotland.


Welcome to the Courses For Therapists newsletter.
The aim is to inform therapists about courses and workshops available in our
Many of the courses on offer are ‘one off’s’ so early booking is essential.
Please contact course providers directly for further info.

Thai Foot Massage

Ideal for beginners or therapists looking to add this popular massage to
what they already offer their clients. Anatomy & Physiology is not required
for this course
· Certificates are given on the day with training being finalised upon
the completion of assignments over a period of 6 weeks or more. You will
also be issued along with relevant forms for insurance if required. It must
be stressed that insurance is required to practise Thai Foot Massage.
· The course covers the history of Thai Foot Massage, basic anatomy,
reflexology points, case histories, contra indications & more and teaches
massage of leg, feet and hands.

Spaces are limited and go very quickly, please book early to avoid
Cost of 1 day course is £115 - including lunch

Non returnable deposit of £25.00 is required to secure your place
Just contact Liz To book your place or for any further information you

Time: 10.00 - 6.00pm
Cost: £115 inc Lunch
Date/s: 21/05/2006
Qualifications/ Certificate: Practitoner certificate
Venue: The Laurel Bank Hotel, Markinch, Glenrothes, Fife
Contact: Liz Napier
Telephone: 0845 8900687



For the first time in Scotland. This is a one-off opportunity to learn this
fantastic therapy.

Tibetan Acupressure Head Massage is not another version of Indian Head
Massage, it is a completely unique therapy, which draws on the ancient
wisdom and philosophies of Tibetan Ayurveda. The therapy is performed with
the client fully clothed in a reclining or lying position. This can either
be on a treatment couch, a reclining chair or on the floor and includes
massage of the scalp, face, neck, throat, shoulders and upper arms. The aim
of the treatment is to make a positive change in the recipient's energy
system. The course is accredited and recognised by most of the professional
organisations, including the FHT , AoR, IPTI. Babtac and H&L Balen.
Effective both as an hour-long treatment or as a 15 minute 'taster' giving
the therapist more commercial scope.
Deeply relaxing to receive
Comfortable and effortless to give
Economical - no expensive equipment required
Holistic - brings balance and harmony to the mind, body and soul and
supports the body's natural ability to heal itself.
Blends well with other therapies such as Indian Head, Reiki, Massage,
Aromatherapy, Hopi Ear Candles, Holistic Facials and beauty treatments.
Ideal ‘spa’ or pamper party treatment.
Suitable for beginners or experienced therapists, including Reiki
practitioners, holistic therapists, beauty therapists and spa technicians.

DATE Sunday 25th June
COST £80
VENUE Energetics, Edinburgh
QUALIFICATION Practitioner Certificate
Terri McLean
Tel 01788 565669

Acrylic Nail Enhancements Cert

£335, Manual, Kit & Ongoing support

This course will describe and cover how to provide artificial nail
treatments using the acrylic system.

The course is certificated & accredited by the Guild of professional beauty
Cost: £335
Date/s: 03/06/2006
Qualifications/ Certificate: Cert in Acrylic Nail Enhancements
Venue: 5 St Vincent Pl, Glasgow
Contact: Louise Prunty
Telephone: 0141 275 4811

Animal Healing Course
This is a two day course for those who wish to learn how to give Natural
Spiritual Healing to animals. Working with love and respect for all animals,
the course shows you how to help enhance the animals’ quality of life and to
stimulate their body’s own healing mechanism.

This is a very practical and supportive course giving students all they need
to use this beautiful discipline professionally or in their own home;
whichever they desire.

Diploma holders of the SRMHC Natural Spiritual Healing course who take the
Animal Healing course and gain experience as an Animal Healer may apply to
attend the Animal Healing Certificate Assessment
Cost: £105
Date/s: 24/06/2006
Qualifications/ Certificate:
Venue: Edinburgh
Contact: Satay Singh
Telephone: 0131 620 0908 or 07708 796737

Thermo-Auricular Therapy – Standard

This post-graduate course (CPD 5 credits) is both theoretical and practical
in content. The intention is to train you, a practitioner already
experienced in other complementary therapies, in the techniques and science
of Thermo-Auricular© Therapy (TATh). You will learn which conditions are
suitable for treatment and any contra-indications.

It is hoped that you find the day enjoyable as well as informative. There is
a test of both your theoretical understanding and your practical proficiency
at the end of the day. Notes required for the course will be supplied on the
day – subject to payment of fees.

On successful completion of assessment and case studies, a certificate will
be awarded by the originators of this therapy.

Course fee includes professionally printed manual, exam fee & optional entry
on TATh website.
Cost: £110
Date/s: 02/07/2006
Qualifications/ Certificate: Certificate of Competance on completion of
additional coursework
Venue: The Edinburgh Therapy Academy - Wighton House Conference Centre,
Contact: Alison MacColl
Telephone: 0131 226 4453



This course includes the clinical and holistic aspects of aromatherapy and
students need to have acquired a Diploma in Anatomy, Phyisiology and Massage
before undertaking Aromatherapy training. Applicants who have completed
Diploma training at other establishments are welcome to apply for the
Aromatherapy Diploma course. This extends your therapy qualifications and
equips you to use Essential Oils for massage and dispense your own
Aromatherapy Products.

To achieve an ITEC Aromatherapy Diploma, 10 days of training over six months
is required. Full study materials are provided for students use at home and
case studies are included as part of the course assessment.

Great pleasure is derived from creating harmonius, aromatic blends which
help the recipient to find an equilibrium of the whole self. At the end of
the six months period there will be both theory and practical Examination.

Cost: on application
Date/s: 05/08/2006
Qualifications/ Certificate: I.T.E.C. AROMATHERAPY DIPLOMA
Venue: Edinburgh Therapy Academy, Wighton House, Edinburgh
Contact: Judith Reid
Telephone: 01540 670 097


Various Courses including Seated Thai Massage, Thai Foot Massage, Korean
Hand Massage, Indian Head Massage, Reiki and Hopi ear candles .
Will travel for groups
More info Robert France TEL 07967 405992

Two Day Indian Head Massage

A two day accredited intensive training course, which will provide you
with the knowledge and practical experience to benefit not only yourself,
your family, your friends and in a professional capacity, your clients. The
course includes, the history, benefits, effects and advantages of Indian
Head Massage. The course is experiential and will focus on practical and
theory. You will give and recieve the treatment, and during the two days
you will work with different partners, which will allow you to experience
different energies and touch. The course includes a comprehensive handout,
on-going support, and where required a further practical session.

Cost: £150
Date/s: 19/08/2006
Qualifications/ Certificate: IPTI Accredited
Venue: The Rosemount Centre 1c Mount Street Aberdeen
Contact: Maggie Inch
Telephone: 01224 636378/07949 686090


Slavic Massage

New, dynamic massage techniques from the
Baltic - Practitioner's Programme with Ronnie Allan in Scotland.

Slavic MassageTM is about inducing deep mental and total body relaxation,
gently allowing the muscular system to de-stress and allowing the body to
articulate. Special Massage oils provided. The 2-day programme will
demonstrate the technique, provide a theoretical background, allow for
practice and provide individual instruction. Slavic MassageTM is about
transformation, lightening the senses and working with the essential oils.
It is about communication and is as good for the giver as for the recipient.
It is an interchange of energies.

This course is open only to qualified aromatherapists or trained masseurs.
You can upgrade to become a Registered Tutor of Slavic MassageTM by
attending additional days in Glastonbury - see below. Please enquire.

Course fee: £175.00 inclusive of VAT.
Dates – various

Contact Ronnie Allan direct for more information -
or see more about Ronnie's work on


Sekhem Healing Arts Workshop

Introduction to Sekhem; including Template description, Identification of
expectations / blocks etc, Group Introduction, Explanation of Non Lineage.

Cost: £170-00
Date/s: 08/07/2006
Qualifications/ Certificate: Certificated.
Venue: Body & Soul. 52 Hamilton Place. Stockbridge
Contact: Richard Venters
Telephone: 0131-623-5524
Mariette Lobo
May 14 2006 10:30PM
More CPD in Scotland:

Subject: Working with clients with cancer

Do you understand the needs of clients who have been treated for cancer?

Would you like to know how Reflexology and Massage can be used to ease the
side effects of cancer treatment and support clients as they go through this
life-changing experience?

Energetics is offering two weekend trainings with Jamie Elswick, a
specialist trainer from Anchorage, Alaska. We have a few remaining places
for last minute bookings which we would like to offer to practitioners in
the Edinburgh area.

Saturday 13th - Sunday 14th May 2006 Scar Tissue and Lymphatic Flow
Saturday 20th - Sunday 21st May 2006 Eastern Approaches to Oncology Massage

The Eastern Approaches course includes work with Reflexology and is suitable
for people with no previous training in Oriental medicine.




TEL 0131 557 9567

Please contact Louise Roy for further information.

Mariette Lobo
May 14 2006 10:30PM
More CPD in Scotland:

Subject: Working with clients with cancer

Do you understand the needs of clients who have been treated for cancer?

Would you like to know how Reflexology and Massage can be used to ease the
side effects of cancer treatment and support clients as they go through this
life-changing experience?

Energetics is offering two weekend trainings with Jamie Elswick, a
specialist trainer from Anchorage, Alaska. We have a few remaining places
for last minute bookings which we would like to offer to practitioners in
the Edinburgh area.

Saturday 13th - Sunday 14th May 2006 Scar Tissue and Lymphatic Flow
Saturday 20th - Sunday 21st May 2006 Eastern Approaches to Oncology Massage

The Eastern Approaches course includes work with Reflexology and is suitable
for people with no previous training in Oriental medicine.




TEL 0131 557 9567

Please contact Louise Roy for further information.

Nicki Lee
May 17 2006 11:31PM
Hello Northeners!
Living in the south as I do, I enjoy being able to select from a lot of good courses, and I sympathise that a one day course would cost you at least 2 days plus accomodation. I am a massage tutor offering advanced massage technique workshops, and I would be willing to travel and do a few days up north, if you could find a group of people interested and arrange a location. If you'd like to discuss further to see if we can work something out, please contact me directly at
Best of luck!
Judith Soames
May 18 2006 8:18PM
Thanks Mariette - seems it isn't such a CPD desert in Scotland after all....! How did you get sent that email? - I rely on Embody to inform me of CPD courses but there are obviously many more out there if you know where to look.
Nikki cheers for your contact - I will email you for more info.
Mariette Lobo
May 18 2006 9:23PM
I'll be posting any information I get on this forum, in future. So it's worth checking now and again. I would also suggest you check out the Scottish Institute of Reflexology (SIR) website for details of courses.

Nicki Lee
May 19 2006 12:02PM
Also do keep in mind that Embody only promote courses that are registered with them, which can be costly. There are many other courses out there, which you can also find on the internet. I would suggest if you want to try some that aren't registered with Embody you might want to investigate a bit, or just start slowly and get some feedback from former students if possible, before committing yourself to too much. I've been on some great courses, but also some that were a bit mediocre and one that was just plain bad!!
Kelly Bentley
Jun 22 2006 11:08PM
Hi everyone, I'm even further north, in Shetland. There are no accredited CPD courses or workshop up here. And there aren't enough therapists to form a local group (not who all belong to the same association!). I travel for days to get to a course every year. Sandra Day School of Health Studies in Rochdale, might be worth a try for those of you north of Birmingham and south of the scottish borders. They offer a good range of aromatherapy workshops.
Edith Maskell
Jul 9 2006 3:38PM

I sympathise with anyone north of Watford for all the obvious reasons.

However, I think it is only fair to point out that Embody is not an Awarding Body. It is an umbrella body which encompasses a membership across various modalities.

It does not, itself, run courses. It can not. It is not linked to any training schools as is the case with the majority of professional associations; hence they do run courses, it is what their business is all about. CThA, BThA etc is purely a membership association. One suggestion to look for courses was the website for Scottish Institute or Reflexologists. The SIR is a professional association formed from their training providers. There are many many more.

The couses you see advertised in the Embody brochure are those of course providers who pay for the privilege to advertise their courses. Again, as someones else said, there are hundreds of course providers in the UK. If the majority of those who adversise happen to be in the South, it's really not fair to lay the blame at the feet of Embody is it?

As I have said in another message. CPD can be earned from a multitude of means. Therapists do NOT have to do specific CPD "courses". ALL learning which develops the knowledge and experience of a therapist provides CPD. As Jon Critoph pointed out. Members only have to attend 5 meetings a year to gain 10 CPD points which is all that is currently required within CThA and there are over 50 local groups in the UK. If members read their quarterly journal that would be a further 4 points. The list is endless.

There are numerous conferences held in the North; Birmingham, York, Manchester, Scotland - they all attract CPD.

I see that one member offered to bring her course to you. This is something which local groups often organise. May I suggest that if you see a course offered "down South" that appeals to you, call the course provider and ask whether they will bring it to you, if you find participants. Ask what would be their minimum nuber and then suggest it a local group meeting or ask the co=ordinator to mailshot other members in the area. You might be surprised and end up overwhelmed with the response? Trainers will often allow you do the course for free if you do all the work?! Positive food for thought I hope?

Edith Maskell
Rosemary Johnson
Jul 9 2006 10:59PM
If we read the quarterly journals that's 4 points?
errrrm...... how is that worked out? why 4?
I thought the points worked on an hourly basis. Is this changing?
Edith Maskell
Jul 10 2006 8:14AM
It is assumed that each Journal takes an hour to read therefore 1 point for each.
Rosemary Johnson
Jul 11 2006 12:54AM
Assumed that each journal takes an hour to read????
Is this meant to be a joke? - or is it working on the assumption most people read the headlines and skip most of most the text?
Or are there really some people who can read that fast/
I'm partially-sighted - it take sme hours and hours and hours to plough through journals - particularly the bits printed on coloured paper!
Judith Soames
Jul 12 2006 9:38PM

Please understand I was not attacking Embody or the CThA, merely opening a discussion on what I perceived to be a lack of CPD courses in the North as advertised on the CPD brochure compiled by the CThA. I thought that one could gain CPD points only from courses approved by the CThA and therefore, although I was aware of other course providers, I was not considering them. It seems perhaps I was mistaken here, although I still don't really understand how you would award CPD points if I did a local course not approved by the CThA.

I agree local groups are fantastic and an excellent way to broaden knowledge of complementary therapies, but you cannot gain a qualification from one evening's talk, no matter how informative.

Finally, it is very nice that you believe in altruism, but I have NEVER found a trainer willing to offer a free course!

Edith Maskell
Jul 12 2006 10:13PM
Hi Jude

Seems there is still some confusion and it might be me having misunderstood you!

Members can earn CPD points from any course/workshop with any course provider. It does not have to be one that is approved by CThA. Each day is awarded 5 points up to a maximum of 20. I did 6 days last year with one particular course provider which CThA does not recognise. None of which gives me a qualification but they earned me 20 CPD points.

However, if you want CThA to recognise the course as an additional qualification to be added to your register or for insurance purposes, then it must be one that is recognised/approved by CThA. Nonetheless, it is still not classified as a CPD course. It's an approved qualification. The CPD points awarded are the same as above however. 5 per day up to a maximum of 20.

Confusion reigns. I wasn't suggesting that you could gain a qualification from attending a local group meeting. But you can earn 2 CPD points for each one you attend because hopefully you will learn something which is considered to be helping towards your professional development which is what CPD is .... continuing professional development. And so anything that enables you to continue developing professionally is considered to be CPD!

If you wrote up an interesting case study which you felt furthered your development as a practitioner - it can be counted as CPD. If you write an information leaflet to hand to your client or complete a reflective practice log, do a presentation to a group - it is all CPD because you are either educating yourself by reading /writing or educating A N Other. Attending a one day conference/exhibition is worth 5 CPD points. Reading a book which is related to your profession is worth about 2 CPD points. Might have the number wrong but it is certainly valid as CPD. Hope I haven't missed the point or confused you. Please forgive if I have!

The long and the short of it is that members don't have to do specific CPD "courses" to earn your CPD points.

Best wishes
Judith Soames
Jul 18 2006 7:57PM

Thank you, this is the best explanation I have had on how to earn CPD points! It should be included with the CPD form to remind people how they can add up points throughout the year.

Regards, Jude

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