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Posted by Grace Boateng, Oct 21 2011 12:26PM

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2 for 1 Healh treatments with extras

Firstly I think the person who came up with the name for the offer is not a massage therapist!

Is this extras promotion the 2 for 1 offer that we can participate in for free or is there another one in the pipeline? Also what company is extras, is it a magazine? Where will the public find out about the promotion?

I think there also needs to be a forum for "Embody promotions" to keep us up to date on what promos are being run.

Hopefully someone can shed some light on my questions.

Amanda Clegg
Oct 21 2011 12:57PM
I emailed CThA as soon as I got their email about this next offer, as there were no details at all about who they were linking with, as the demographics have a huge bearing on whether an offer is suitable for beauty or massage therapists (eg would not want, as a female massage therapist, to link with tokens in The Sun, for instance!) However, I 've had absolutely no response as usual. Can't get to camexpo to berate them!
Grace Boateng
Oct 21 2011 1:17PM
Thanks for your reply. I'll be going to CamExpo so will talk to them. I did wonder if they had companies lined up for the 2 for 1 offer. I hadn't thought about the publications where the offer might be promoted. I'm not really keen on 2 for 1 offers but may do it for a limited time.

Thanks again
Amanda Clegg
Oct 21 2011 2:25PM
The very first one they did, in conjuction with the TElegraph, with a proper booklet directory given away with the paper worked quite well - that was back around 2002 or 3. However subsequent ones were not so good - the registration of what we did was sloppy, so I got calls from peopel wanting waxing and stuff, esp from one they did with the daily mail. Then they started charging us for the priviledge of giving away freebies, so qutie a lot of us dropped out (member Gill Kenyon (the H Club)has quite a lot to say on the matter) as it turns out CTHA get paid by the companies they link wiht, so they're collecting from both ends, so to speak.

Over the last couple of years CTHA seem to have got really sloppy over registering people 'accidentally' and, as I highlighted, not giving us any info on which to base a proper decision as to whether it's a promotion that will help us. Advertising demographics are really important. Do pass on my comments to CTHA when you see them, and hoepfully they will start to be a bit more open and efficient.


Angela Rawlins
Oct 21 2011 5:57PM
This just beggars belief!! For heavens sake!!
Grace Boateng
Oct 26 2011 2:47PM
I spoke to Zara on the CThA stand at CamExpo. The Extras 2 for 1 is one that is coming to an end. The 2 for 1 offer that wer were notified about that we could register for free will start soon and end in May. We can dip in and out of the offer as when we choose for example if going away so clients don't contact us during that time to use the offer. The announcement of the offer will happen in a few weeks. It is a well known family brand.
Amanda Clegg
Oct 26 2011 5:28PM
that's fine, but they're not answering the question! there are many well known 'family' brands but not all would attract the right demographic for us. I think I'm going to steer clear if I'm not going to be told in advance exactly what the details are! Also, did you gather whether or not anyone from head ofice actually reads our posts and sees what we are all thinking?
Grace Boateng
Oct 26 2011 5:40PM
Sorry - I only asked about the promotion.

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