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Posted by Urvashi Patel, Oct 21 2011 2:49PM

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Urvashi Patel
Oct 23 2011 10:19AM
HI ,
Sorry for the untitled messages too fast on the key board!!!

Just wanted to know if anyone knows of any easy record keeping templates that the figures can be easily transferred across to. when it comes to the year end HMRC returns sheet.
Pam Dryden
Nov 4 2011 1:00PM
Hi Urvashi, Funny you should ask, as I was just about to post a request for info on client data management systems and read your post whilst I was looking. At the moment I just use an Excel spreadsheet that I put together myself but have been looking for something a bit more sophisticated! Have seen what looks like an excellent system based in the States called that deals with income/expenses plus lots of useful client data that can be manipulated in all sorts of ways! Unfortunately it incurrs a regular monthly fee..I was hoping to find something that was either a one-off payment or free, so let me know if you find anything. Good Luck, Pam
Urvashi Patel
Nov 8 2011 10:48AM
HI Pam,

Still searching i'm afraid. I'm sure I read a post relating to this but cannot seem to find it now. Will let you know when I do.


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