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Posted by Charlene Quincey, Oct 28 2011 3:34PM

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Hot Stone Massage Kit

Hi all,

I have recently done a course in hot stone massage which I really enjoyed and now I am eager to get started. I want to buy a genuine / good kit which consists of genuine natural basalt stones and also be able to choose a few stones myself i.e. sacrum, trigger, contour etc. Anyone out there bought a good kit? I need advise where to buy from. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

Many thanks
Sue Hannaford
Oct 28 2011 3:41PM
I would suggest you get look at getting recommendations from whoever you trained with as a start.
Charlene Quincey
Oct 29 2011 9:15PM
Yes I have done that but there is nothing from the supplier to suggest the stones are natural basalt and they are also far more expensive than other suppliers. This is why I am asking for advice from therapists who may have made a purchase and are satisfied with the product etc.
Jane Hopwood
Oct 31 2011 5:14PM
I bought a basalt stone set with a large heater quite reasonably on ebay. The stones came in a wooden box. I am quite happy with them. Just ensure they are real basalt volcanic rock and ensure that you get 8 large for the spinal column, 8 medium, two trigger, 1 large sacral, 8 toe stones, and I think it was 16 small but not sure. I bought the cold stones seperately. Make sure its a powerseller with good ratings. Jane
Charlene Quincey
Oct 31 2011 9:39PM
thanks Jane. Made a purchase today from a local supplier so looking forward to receiving them in the next couple of days.

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