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Posted Oct 31 2011 8:08PM

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Salary for complementary therapist post

Does anyone know what the avarage salary should be for a single complementary therapist, working alone, planning and developing a therapy program in a hospice in Scotland. I have been offered £9 pounds an hour and feel this is almost insulting. As the hours(16) are spread over 4 days and are right in the middle of the day, it would make it very hard to work other employment around it. I am aware that these posts dont come up very often and I don't want to sound ungreatful. Any help or suggestions?
Helen Vallely
Nov 1 2011 7:30AM
Are you able to find out prices that salons charge in area?

Also do you have a local support group that you could chat to? If you are not sure of this, then contact the CThA headoffice and they will give you details of the local group.
Angela Smith
Nov 3 2011 11:16AM
Do you have details of the terms and conditions of your contract, for example:
how many clients are you expected to work with per week
do you get sick pay, holidays, etc.
As an average hourly rate I would say £9 is pretty poor
best regards
Helen Vallely
Nov 5 2011 5:45PM
I work for myself and do volunatary treatments, so I am not best person to help directly with your questions. Again contact the CThA Head Office, and get inlvolved with your local support group. The locals are the best form help. They can be amazing and would prefer to talk to you rather than post online. The only adage I can give you is this, when training it was suggested dont take less than £10 an hour, so once qualified?
Patrick Pires
Nov 9 2011 5:57PM
I have mentioned the following in response to an advert for volunteers (Nov 9)
CTHA above all should be discouraging what I term as slave labour!

As therapists, we have each spent considerable time, money and effort to hone our skills as well as meet regulatory requirements such as insurance, membership of an organisation, etc. Therefore, I cannot understand why we should offer our services on a volunteer basis to organisations that can and ought to provision to
pay. As 'newbies' most of us have had to develop our skills on friends and colleagues. BUT, after this
period we should not cheapen our occupation by offering to volunteer! All charity organisations receive
funding to exist. It is up to them to provision for funding out of their budgets! Therapists' practice should NOT be a side-show!
Barbara Francis
Dec 7 2011 8:11PM
Dear Patrick I learnt the hard way with voluntary work, having given 1 day a week to a local hospice, where unfortunately I was treated with little respect. I also did many free days for charities, sometimes working flat out for 6 hours, with hardly a break! So I reluctantly now decline any charity work. As you rightly stated most charities have grants for events, I know they are trying to raise money for a good cause. But it shouldn't be at the expense of the therapist. Well done you for saying we are worth more than that.
Julie Banks
Feb 7 2012 3:57PM

I am new to CThA and was reading through the forums and came across this one and would just like to add that i work as a Healthcare Assistant in a Hospice and know that all Hospices only get a percentage of funding from the government the rest has to come from fundraising as they are charity organisations. I do my therapies alongside my job on a voluntary basis because i enjoy what i do. It is not an ideal situation for any therapist wanting to earn a reasonable wage, as a care assistant i earn less than £9 an hour.

Barbara is there room for negotiation for the hours and days you work so that you can work elsewhere because im afraid i don't think you will find you will get a better offer from within the Hospice as their budgets are very tight and for them to survive they have to keep costs to a minimum.

As an example the Hospice i work in have had to make redundancies through lack of funds, we are always fundraising because we have to otherwise we would not survive and with the economic climate as it is peoples priorities change so we don't raise as much.

Hope this is of help.

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