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Posted by Pam Dryden, Nov 4 2011 1:04PM

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Client & Income data management system?

Does anyone use or know of a client data management software system that's aimed at self-employed therapists (not salons)? I've seen one called (US based) which seems very good but it incurs a monthly fee and I'd rather pay a one-off fee or get one for free! Any information would be much appreciated. Thanks, Pam
Amanda Clegg
Nov 4 2011 5:26PM
not specifically for therapists, but my part time desk job for a little niche market training company uses a brilliant CRM (Client Relationship Management) system called Salesforce which is free unless you need ALL it's bells & whistles, which even our company with a T/O of 100K doesn't. It's cloud-based (ie you access it over the internet) so great if you are mobile and doesn't clog up your pc memory, plus data is safe if your pc goes down. you can track income and generate report on things like contacts, what assignments you've done etc. and it's record fields are very customisable (is that a word?).

PM me via my business listing if you want to know more.


Pam Dryden
Nov 5 2011 4:08PM
Thanks Amanda, I'll go and have a look at that website now!
Patricia Moore
Nov 8 2011 8:34AM
Hi Pam,
I haven't tried this one myself, but it looks good. It's called Physi-cal 3d records ( not too expensive and devised for therapists by a former Northern Institute student.
Pam Dryden
Nov 9 2011 5:14PM
Thanks Patricia, I'm really grateful for you taking the time to reply. It's very helpful. I'll have a look at that site too. Best wishes, Pam

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