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Posted Nov 10 2011 10:26AM

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What is the role of reflexology and how does it help the user?
Chandrika Patel
Nov 28 2011 5:46PM
Reflexology is a completely safe and highly effective method of healing. It works by applying pressure to specific reflex points on the feet. Each reflex point corresponds to particular organ or part of the body. If there is a problem in your body, the reflex points in your feet will reveal a sensitivity. In this way your feet can tell an accurate story about your health. When precise pressure is applied to the sensitive reflex there is a stimulating effect through the Nervous System This reduces pain,improves nerve and blood supply. normalizing body function and relaxes the body, mind and spirit.Reflexology can benefit to all ages. It is very beneficial for elderly for pains and aches, for rheumatism , arthritis etc.

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