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Posted Nov 22 2011 8:37PM

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Treatment of Arthritis

I already have tin hips and have been threatened with shoulder prosthetics. My main concern however is increasing pain and stiffness in the fingers, especially upon getting up in the mornings. I was wondering whether there is any Complementary Treatment that might help or any dietary advice that might alleviate the problem?
Thank you.
Angela Smith
Nov 23 2011 11:52AM
have you considered acupuncture? excellent pain relief and improves circulation and mobility. best wishes
Christopher David Handbury
Jan 9 2012 1:39PM
I would try acupuncture. I recently ran a local campaign to promote the benefits of acupuncture for arthritis providing free consultation and intial treatment to prove its effectiveness. Very good results and some patients were relieved of twenty years of pain. In addition a properly trained acupuncturist will be able to advise you of dietry changes.
To start with try honeydew melons, pinapple and turmeric in your foods. Sometimes the medication your GP prescribes can make things worse!...energetically.

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