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Posted by Angela Cooke, Jan 6 2012 6:03PM

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Is Reflexlogy suitable for someone with one frozen lung?

Hi I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on this. I believe one lung is no longer functioning would an Urgent Care Routine be the best way to go and see how the client responds?

My personal feeling is that Reflexology would be a suitable treatment but I would like to know others opinions especially anyone that may have come this condition or similar before. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Mai Brain
Jan 31 2012 9:44PM
Hi, isn't the internet a wonderful thing, I had never heard of a frozen lung but I looked it up and apparently it is what some runners get in the cold weather and wearing a scarf around their mouths help to prevent it, it is when the cold air gets into their lungs. I would not think that reflexology would do any harm. If this isn't the case I am sorry I could not help.
Mai Brain.
Angela Cooke
Feb 1 2012 9:25AM
Thankyou Mai for your reply and taking the time to look up information on a frozen lung.
Yes the internet is a wonderful thing also a great tool for therapists to share ideas and experiences.

Thankyou again


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