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Posted by Rachael Crow, May 24 2006 8:16AM

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UK Reiki help needed for Arizona University research - PLEASE PASS ON

UK Reiki help needed for Arizona University research - PLEASE PASS ON

Experienced Healers Wanted!

To replicate a Research study by Arizona University (USA)

with Principle Investigator, Dr Allan Sweeney (UK)



There has been much debate in recent years why some healers get better results than others. Arizona University is pioneering research into the energy emitting from a healer’s hand during a healing treatment. In the USA they found a significant increase in energy when healers turned their energy ‘on’ compared to a baseline measurement before they started. Allan Sweeney is now furthering this work in collaboration with Arizona University, and seeks UK healers to take part in a replication study.


Energy Healers use specific states of consciousness to heal others through manipulation of the Human Energy Field. Although the Human Energy Field has not yet been adequately described by the scientific method, it is experienced by Energy Healers as a field of energy that informs and interpenetrates the human body and that can be influenced by un-ordinary states of consciousness called “healing intention”. The origins of this form of medicine date back to the origins of humanity, and so the practice of energy healing is known in virtually every human civilization worldwide. One obstacle inherent in the scientific study of Energy Healing is the wide variety of traditions in which Energy Healers are trained, resulting in healers of different capabilities, using varied techniques. This purpose of this project is to gather information on the characteristics of Energy Healers, across and between healers of various traditions, so that future studies of Energy Healing may be scientifically standardized, ultimately leading to a better scientific understanding of this form of medicine.

Two groups will be selected for participation in this study,

a. Energy healing group, and

b. Control group.

The groups will help research using a High and Low Frequency Electromagnetic meter and a Broadcast Frequency counter. The meter will be held at a distance of at least one half inch from a part of the body (without touch) for a period of from 3 seconds to one minute depending on the data collection point.

All data collection points are predetermined on diagrams participants can see.

Participants will be asked to fill out a demographics questionnaire.

Inclusion criterion for energy healing group

Reiki third degree practitioners
Must have minimum of 3 years healing experience
Should have treated at least 6 patients weekly
Inclusion criterion for control group

Control subjects will have had no contact with energy healing currently or in the past, including no training in meditation, or the martial arts.

Control subjects will be age and sex matched with the energy healing subjects.

Exclusion criterion

All subjects (energy healers and controls) will be asked to confirm that they do not have any of the following psychological/physical conditions during the consenting process:

1) A history of psychological disorders

2) A history of drug or alcohol abuse

3) A history of any major medical problems (epilepsy, stroke, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, major head trauma, heart disease, lung disease, liver disease, kidney disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, pacemaker, metal implants and difficulty breathing through their nose.

4) Use of any benzodiazepines (used as tranquilizers or calming medications) and tri-cyclic antidepressants (which are medications used to treat severe depression) opiates (generally prescribed as pain medication) within two months prior to the start of the study.

5) Female subjects who are pregnant will also be excluded.


All participants will be age 18 or older

The study will take a maximum of one hour

Participation is entirely voluntary and you may withdraw from the study at any time even after beginning as a subject

The majority of energy healers in this country are female. Many energy healers come from ethnic and minority backgrounds. Any person expressing an interest in participating in this research process and who meets the inclusion/exclusion criteria will be invited to participate. No special recruitment activities will be directed towards women and/or minority groups.


You will be assigned a number and during the data collection and subsequent analysis, research team members will be able to identify you by number only. A master list assigning your name to your subject number will be maintained for the duration of the study and upon completion of the study will be destroyed. This master list will be kept in a locked file cabinet and on triple-password-protected computers at the Human Energy Systems Laboratory 1601 N. Tucson Boulevard, Suite 17, Tucson, AZ 85716 USA. Access to the master list will be restricted to the Principal Investigators. Your specific demographics information will be destroyed at the end of the study. You will not be identified in any publication or presentation that may result from this study.

Costs and compensation

The only cost for participation in this study is your time and travel cost involved. The testing will take a maximum of 1 hour. No monetary compensation will be provided as a study subject.


There are no guaranteed direct benefits associated with participation in this study. However, you may benefit psychologically from knowing that this work may help to improve the quality of energy medicine that is available to society by helping to measure and standardize energy healers and energy healing treatments.


You can obtain further information from the Principal Investigator for UK, Dr Allan Sweeney, 5 Beach Houses, Royal Crescent, Margate Kent CT9 5AL UK. Tel 01843 230377 email

Brief bio
Allan Sweeney PhD (Alternative Medicine), specialises in pioneering research, development and marketing of new healing techniques. His main objective is to research and apply unique healing energy complementary therapy approaches specific to an illness, condition or symptom, with highest efficacy, effectiveness, and cost-effective outcomes. Previous, current, and proposed future research includes ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder), migraine, stress, tinnitus, asthma, deafness, emotions, addictions, eczema, sciatica, depression, allergies, fractures, and cancer. He is a Doctor of Philosophy in Alternative Medicine, had a Harley Street healing clinic, National Trainer for Reiki for all UK prisons, has taught workshops globally, SKY TV presenter, runs his Margate UK 'Heaven-by-the-Sea' residential healing centre, author of healing books, Honorary Tutor of Gendai Reiki in Japan, appeared on TV and radio programmes around the world, and is building a pioneering Cancer Centre in Mexico.

Allan is available for consultancy, international lectures, courses and workshops on all healing subjects

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