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Posted by Suzanne Zacharia, May 24 2006 10:26PM

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3rd June, 1st July

Hi there,

Thank you to everyone who has supported our meetings and welcome to all who have requested to join our group.

Regulation of therapies is something that a lot of therapists talk about and some therapists do something about. As some of you know, I am involved with the Reiki Regulatory Working Group on behalf of another organisation, while Edith Maskell does a fantastic job on the RRWG as well as other regulatory bodies for Embody. There is also the idea put forward for a single regulatory body for ALL complementary therapies. Edith has recently sent us co-ordinators the following:

"For the past 10 years or more regulation has been following a single therapy route, ie there would be a register for each therapy. Clearly this would be a financial nightmare for multi disciplined therapists.

"What is now being suggested is a Federal Structure (which we have been fighting for all along). This means that there would be one main register.

"The consultation document is there so that anybody who has an interest in complementary and alternative medicine can have their say and their views will be considered.

"I would strongly encourage all those attending your meetings to go and have a look at the document and take this opportunity to fight for the right to work as a multi disciplined practitioner. This is our opportunity to have our say. If we don't - the decision will be made for us by the powers that be and the outcome might not be the one we want!"

With this in mind, our next meeting is about regulation. I will be talking about regulation of the various therapies, the general insights into the process that I have gained by working on the RRWG, and what you can do to have your say about the regulation of any of your therapies.
Subject: Regulation of your therapies
Speaker: Suzanne Zacharia
Date: Saturday 3rd June
Time: 10 AM to 12 noon
Fee: £5.00 for members, £6.00 non-members
CPD Credits: 2
Please note that as Central London Co-ordinator, I am a volunteer; although I would like to help, I am unavailable for detailed telephone consultations about regulation. If you cannot come to the meeting and want more information, please visit or come to the July 1st meeting, where there will be forms and information available for you to pick up and take away.

The meeting following from then is on Saturday 1st July From 5-6 PM. The theme is finding your therapy strengths and how you can best use them with the therapies that you have learnt or practise, for health, wealth, and happiness.
Subject: How Can I help You?
Facilitator: Suzanne Zacharia
Date: Saturday 1st July
Time: 4:45 PM to 5:45 PM
Fee: £2.50 for members, £3.00 non-members
CPD Credits: 2

The address for both meetings is:
The Langham Studio
36 Langham Street
London W1W 7AP
Sandwiched in-between Great Portland Street and Great Titchfield Street. Please take my mobile number with you in case you
need directions on the day: 07939 72 39 24.

If I have you erroneously on this list or if you wish not to receive these reminders, please let me know by return.

I look forward to seeing you soon.

Warm regards,

Central London Co-ordinator for Embody,
Suzanne Zacharia
Rosemary Johnson
May 25 2006 7:07PM
COunt me in for 3rd June - hope to see lots of folks there.
1st July, being Pride, will have to see how it can fit in with other engagements1
Suzanne Zacharia
May 26 2006 8:41AM
That's great, see you then!

The 1st July day was my company's Allergy Testing and EFT Detox day planned 6 months ago, and then I added the Group meeting as it seemed to make sense. Then I added a training hour for my therapists since rent is very expensive and I have to cram in as many things as possible in the rented space for the day. Now I found out about Pride last week, and it's too late to change! I'm gutted but hope to catch the last hour of it. At least I'll see all you lovely people :-) and get detoxed too that day.

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