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Posted by Tanya Bramley, Jan 27 2012 4:19PM

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regulating body

Does anyone know the regulating body for reflexology, aromatherapy, stone therapy and indian head massage. Conflicting advice on the internet!
Angela Rawlins
Jan 27 2012 5:40PM
Reflexology and Aromatherapy will have their own separate body.
Mike Colquhoun
Jan 28 2012 10:20AM
Hi Tanya
We have no regulating body as such yet, though it is probably only a matter of time, we have lead bodies in all therapies and in different areas various different bodies lay claim to this title. Some have m,ore right to the title than others.
yours aye Mike
Sue Hannaford
Jan 28 2012 6:30PM
Yes Mike is right. Only things like osteopathy and few others are regulated. We have voluntary self-regulation and various trade bodies/associations that we can choose to below to, given the right quals and insurance. Some info here
Paul Stuart Morgan-Ayrs MSc (Psychol)
Jan 30 2012 1:35PM
Reflexology is under the CNHC. However this is voluntary regulation, not statutory. One benefit however is that the CNHC registered therapists can now have some fees paid by a couple of health insurance companies - so you need to weight up the pros and cons of the £40 per year fee for regulation. They also cover body massage I think, but you would need to check the other things you do. Be careful to obey their use of logo rules carefully.


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