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Posted by Yvonne Jevons, Jan 31 2012 12:12PM

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Courses for 'Sensitives' and therapy practitioners

Details below of some exciting courses coming in 2012 with Joy Wisdom - for all Sensitives and therapy practitioners wishing to assist themselves and the sensitives to grow and develop in ways you have only dreamt about.

The Allonus ‘Zest for Life’ original and enhanced programmes of awareness with new living perceptions and skills, including the Diamond Inguz LiGHt Healing & Opalescence workshops. Full details in the attached information sheet.

Opalescence LiGHt Healing 3-day workshop –
3-5 February Edinburgh
11-13 February Belfast –
Cost £250.00 10 -5 each day includes manual and certificate. Reviews available. Opalescence is the advanced level of Diamond Inguz LiGHt Healing where we teach new skills in psychic surgery, clearing different levels of each individual together with connecting you to your twin flame a beautiful connection that has been lost through the ages, plus much more…… precursor is Diamond Inguz LiGHt Healing

Secrets of Life 6-day workshop with 3-day option - CPD approved
18th -23rd February - Belfast
5th -10th March - Edinburgh
Times: 10 – 5 each day. Manual, certificate and CD’s included in the programme. Reviews available.

We all have a past. The challenge is in knowing what we have done in it. What we have created in the past is in our present. The things we have done, said and seen have impacted upon us today. The impacts have created our emotions, our likes and dislikes and our mental patterns. We may remember some of the things we have done recently, but do we clearly remember it all? We say and do things everyday without knowing the consequences we are making for ourselves. Essentially what we do today is creating our future.

Emotions affect the fine balance of our spiritual and energetic levels, creating disconnection, voids, and attachments. Jettison the past - clear back and knock down barriers that keep individuals entrapped in behaviour, emotions and mindset. Learn the secrets of how to play the game of life by avoiding the pitfalls and living life with grace and ease. ‘Secrets of life’ is a fast track training programme to open students to their 6th senses, including 3rd eye, higher levels of their intuition, psychic development and hearing. Learn how to avoid physical disorders, live in the moment instead of the sea saw of emotions and enjoy a quiet mind. A wonderful, instructive, interactive and fast pace workshop not to be missed.

Secrets of Life is a foundation level to Dissolve and Resolve Emotions (DARE) practitioners course.

Diamond Inguz LiGHt Healing - The New high vibrational healing tool, for the Aquarian age. 2-day workshop includes manual and certificate
6 and 7 February - Edinburgh
25 and 26 February - Belfast
Times: 10-5 daily. £165.00 Reviews available

A new healing modality that helps to protect daily, helps you stay out of emotion and negates negativity. Subtle and powerful tools are learnt to help rebalance spiritual, physical, mental and emotional issues and disorders. The course will include new skills on protection, grounding and learn how to use Selenite techniques.

An intensive interactive Healing course from Kuan Yin & Hilarion, Diamond lnguz LiGHt healing is a two-part healing technique, foundation and advanced level (Opalescence) for the New Kids (Indigos, Crystals and LiGHtworkers) sensitive people who embody high vibrational gossamer energy on the planet.

During workshop time connect to your Higher I AM presence, your Angelic realms and learn about the Golden light bodywork techniques - with reconnection and healing tools for all ages and disorders.

New Kids II ‘The Atlanteans are coming’ is a brand new course only available to those who have been trained and hold the wonderful Opalescence LiGHt Healing energies, a course that was channelled by Joy in 2008 and have been waiting until the consciousness has risen to new heights before the course could be run. This course is where we receive our Atlantean template and start using your crystalline activation system to the full. The first course is being held near Edinburgh 3-4th March 2012 (12.12). Book early to avoid disappointment a very special weekend of development and expansion for the Aquarian Age.

Dissolve and Resolve Emotions (DARE)- Train in DARE a ‘Zest for Life’ programme for practitioners.
This is a new Intuitive Practitioners course. Foundation level F1/F2 CPD approved (entry level Secrets of Life [SoL] course)
1 – 7 April Edinburgh
5-11 May Belfast
Check website for foundation F3/F4 and intermediate level dates in 2012. Reviews available.

DARE is a NEW concept that works with emotional, mental and behaviour difficulties. Working with deep issues from many areas of our living and being, from this life and past lives/events. DARE works with new and long-standing problems. Effectively clearing out old patterns at a deep inner core level. Over lives, challenges occur from the build up of stress, shock and events that have left us feeling out of control and vulnerable. Although we are aware that emotions contribute to physical disorders and blockages in this life what about our previous lives? Emotions create mental and emotional patterns that penetrate our energetic fields with memories imprinted at a cellular and energetic level, that follows us through life. And Life-after-life, trauma and emotional impacts are then imprinted on an energetic and cellular level.

DARE is a NEW clinical practitioners tool that works with intuition and psychic insights. Joy Wisdom, the founder of DARE, recognised that people carry spiritual wounds and attachments. By working on all levels of the individual, turning clients lives around, allowing them to ‘Get their Life back’ in a quick and graceful way that normally only takes a few sessions. Bringing a quick, effortless and effective resolve for the client, clearing blockages and allowing the soul to move and grow.

Past lives affect us on all levels, physical, emotional and mental. DARE works with all sorts of emotional and spiritual disorders for all ages. Sometimes trauma overlays from previous experiences, creating triggers that link with emotions changing our perspective of life, influencing cognitive and behaviour patterns on many levels. Other areas are inherited and not ours to deal with. Such as: -

Family lineage. The sins of the fathers are real and influencing many today. We can be affected by our family history leaving us with physical effects and DNA changes.. DARE is able to clear and rebalance sexual and family abuse, together with memory imprints.

The Heart is often affected through trauma - we constantly close ourselves to the love and nurturing essentially an innate need within. DARE uses techniques to clear out trauma and wounds to soften and enable new growth of the heart.

Organs and limbs can carry past life trauma through events such as amputations and war wounds etc.,

Self-promises and vows throughout the ages are still affecting life, blocking in this life and keeping us in the past.

Alchemical fragmentation - We fragment our energy and leave parts of ourselves behind through many lifetimes, from shock and trauma. DARE uses techniques for recovery of our essence and essential self. Healing your life and setting yourself FREE

Disorders helped:
Abuse (sexual physical and verbal)
Organs and limbs
Long standing problems Fatigue
Energy blockages OCD & Comfort eating
Self esteem/ self worth
Stuck in your life or something holding you back.
Relationships Parental relations Childhood problems - Did you know we often take on our parent’s stresses and trauma from the womb and birth?

Emotions affect the fine balance of our spiritual and energetic levels, creating disconnection, voids, and attachments. DARE helps those who are stuck and can’t move on in life, including releasing spiritual blockages and barriers.

One to One sessions are available by appointment with Joy Wisdom

For further information and alternative dates please check out the website

Joy Wisdom - Email: - Phone 01691 718927

Book on line at, Bacs payment and Instalments available upon request

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