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Posted by Frances Kelly, Feb 1 2012 3:36PM

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HHi, I have a family member diagnosed with severe Lupus, has anyone worked with clients who have this condition and if so I would appreciate knowing the therapies that were beneficial, Aromatherapy I know can be extremely good so even if someone has used this can you let me know the benefits/results.

Many thanks
Stephanie Stamp
Feb 1 2012 4:37PM
Hi Frances

You're right, aromatherapy can prove very helpful in such cases. Perhaps you would like to consider contacting Chris Katsis of Katseye Blends Aromatherapy? He's a great fountain of knowledge, and through Katseye you can be put in touch with a practitioner local to yourself, if you wish. He can be contacted at Good luck!
Frances Kelly
Feb 1 2012 7:10PM
Thank you Stephanie and I will contact him, I am a qualified therapist/lecturer so I am going to work along side her doctor and discuss Aromatherapy with them. I appreciate your reply as I do not have any experience of working with anyone with Lupus.
Josie Scholman
Feb 1 2012 7:13PM
Hello Frances,
Just saw your request. I have no idea where your family member lives in England. Have you ever heard of EDEN ENERGY MEDICINE? You can google Donna Eden's website: Donna Eden has the ability to sense and see energies and after succesfully working with thousands of clients she has been teaching her Energy Medicine for the last 10 to 15 years. Donna distinguishes 9 energy systems. Eden Energy Medicine finds a lot of its roots in Chinese Medicine and blends it with western insights, you can learn how to do a daily energy routine, how to energy test a person and how to work with their energy systems to balance them.
The first European Foundation course is starting in the beginning of March near Dorking, South of London. You can find information on Donna's website. There you can also find a list of Certified practitioners in England.
Donna Eden is, together with her husband David Feinstein the author of: ENERGY MEDICINE & ENERGY MEDICINE FOR WOMEN. Very worthwhile books. In her ENERGY MEDINE book she mentions LUPUS as having an autoimmune component, where Triple Warmer in its overvigilance directs the body to attack its own tissue.
It would be worthwhile to do some research into Donna's work.
I wish that find gems on your path,
Kind regards,

Josie Scholman,
Frances Kelly
Feb 2 2012 2:20PM
Many thanks Josie for your reply and this will be a route I will follow up, I am also very much into Chinese Medicicine and have also been looking at the triple burner with re: to lupus! I will contact the website you posted and hopefully can get a one day workshop form them here in Glasgow.

Thanks again
Josie Scholman
Feb 2 2012 7:20PM
Dear Frances,
I checked the Practitioners' section on Donna's website, but there is no practitioner name for Scotland, only some names for England. The person who is organising the European Foundation Training is Madison King, she now lives in Spain. Her email adress is Madison may be able to bring you in touch with somebody from the Eden Energy Medicine Community. Donna Eden herself actually was I think in Edinborough and other places in Europe last year. She did a European tour and held her 5-day Introductory Training in Cardiff. I have no idea whether she'll be back soon again. But there will be increasingly more trained practitioners, especially now that the European training is starting. You could ask Madison whether there'll be anyone from Glasgow on the training. Sometimes it may be possible that you invite a Certified trainer, provided there will be enough participants. Again you could talk to Madison. Wishing you much inspiration and guidance on your search journey!
Frances Kelly
Feb 3 2012 2:55PM
Thank you so much for your interest and information

Tiffany Suki Primrose Stephens
Feb 21 2012 6:42PM
Hi Frances,
I currently work with someone with lupus. There are a number of possible remedies and self management through supplements and diet. If you'd like to give me your address I can post some info to you or scan it in an email if you give me your email. My email address is if you want to keep your details private. I also practice energy healing working on all levels through physical to soul in the treatment. Whilst help with the physical symptoms needs addressing initailly it is worth while exploring what caused the imbalance on a deeper level.
I am based in Glasgow if that helps.
Frances Kelly
Feb 23 2012 10:05AM
Thank you Tiffany and I will e,mail you and maybe we can meet up as I am also in Glasgow

Frances Kelly
Feb 23 2012 10:20AM
Hi Tiffany, the e,mail I sent you has come back to me as failed!

Paul Stuart Morgan-Ayrs MSc (Psychol)
Feb 7 2013 2:24PM

One therapist in the USA has written a well research book on auto immune issues including Lupas and recommends massive amounts of Pro-Biotic (Keffir), and increased enzyme consumption with meals, either in tablet form or in food form. Also reducing common intolerance foods such as wheat or gluten.
Frances Kelly
Feb 8 2013 8:41PM
Thank you Stuart, do have the name of the therapist and the book?

Paul Stuart Morgan-Ayrs MSc (Psychol)
Feb 9 2013 8:26PM
Yep, if you email me privately on I will delve into the mystical depths of my kindle and find it for you :)
Paul Stuart Morgan-Ayrs MSc (Psychol)
Feb 10 2013 11:53AM
Aha found it

Autoimmune The Cause and The Cure

Annesse Brockley and Kristin Urdiales

I got the Kindle edition for £8.04

Note - to see the main reviews for this book check the USA site, since there are only a couple on the UK amazon page

Frances Kelly
Feb 19 2013 12:37PM
Many thanks Stuart about the book and also to everyone who have replyed to me regards this condition.

Josie Scholman
Feb 19 2013 3:11PM
Just letting you know that Donna Eden (See Josie Scholman's earlier reply)is making a tour through England. Anyone who wants to learn more about Energy Medicine and how to support our various energy systems, is welcome to visit Donna's workshops.
For details see under Classes / Events. She'll be in
LONDON on Sunday 16th March, Manchester on Tuesday 19th March, BIRMINGHAM Thursday 21st March and present a Weekend Workshop in BRISTOL on SATURDAY & SUNDAY 23rd and 24th MARCH.
Donna Eden's work recognizes energy as the force behind the physical symptoms, Donna is able to see and sense energy and has developed very simple protocols to get our energies flowing in a joyful and alive way.
Well worth checking out!
Many Blessings to you all,
Josie Scholman

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