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Posted by Janice Hamilton, Feb 9 2012 4:28PM

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Child Massage

Can anyone give me any advice and tips with regard to massaging a 10 year old child with Perthes' Disease and massaging children generally. Permission has been given by health professionals and I have advanced disclosure - child's mother will be in attendance, so it's just the actual massage itself I'd appreciate some advice on as I'm used to massaging adults.

Thanks in anticipation.
Deborah Flavell
Feb 9 2012 5:08PM
When my children were little I used to massage them, still do now that they are grown up. I used exactly the same technique but with much less pressure. They insisted on using the face hole too. My standard full body takes 1 1/4 hrs, but that would have been too long. I've never heard of Perthes Disease (will go and look it up) so the usual consultation, contra-indications and precautions will apply. I hope this of some help, will be interested to hear how you get on.
Bridgette Bradley
Feb 9 2012 7:20PM
Hi Janice,
I occasionally massage minors who are members
Of a swimming club.
The treatment itself should be lighter in pressure.
I always ask them to let me know if there is any
Part of the treatment they don't like or is uncomfortable.
I find they are more sensitive to touch and some
Time find massage tickles. If this happens and
they start to wriggle and laugh I stop, place my hands
Firmly but not tightly on a none sensitive area
And ask them to relax again.
You may also find they move about abit, generally
In boys. Don't let this put you off or be concerned
Just ask if everythings ok.
I find quality Treatment time lasts only be about 30
Minutes before they get more fidgety
Or bored.
Dispite this you should fine they enjoy the
Treatment and find it relaxing.
I have trouble with some swimmers faking an
Injury because they want a nice massage.
Well good luck. Massage is great for speeding
Up the healing process as you know.
All the very best
And good health and well being
Bridgette >:x
Janice Hamilton
Feb 13 2012 3:02PM
Thanks very much for your replies - the massage went very well - it lasted approx 40/45 mins and he fell asleep - seemed to enjoy it and mum is keen to continue as it seemed to help with general stiffness of leg and feet muscles.


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