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Posted by Kathryn Kemp, Feb 16 2012 12:20PM

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Need a website provider

Hi, I just wondered if anyone could recommend a reliable on-line website provider/host, needs to be something I can update myself with some nice templates. Thanks.

Kind regards
Francesca Cairns
Feb 16 2012 1:54PM
Hi There

Look up the Simple Web Company run by Tracey Rissik - they use wordpress, which you can edit and update yourself. Graphics are adequate. They are very helpful and knowledgeable . I use their services myself.

Hope that helps
Kind Regards
Francesca Cairns

Rebecca Anne Cliff
Feb 16 2012 4:21PM
Hello Kathy,

Have you tried Vistaprint UK? They have some great website templates and you get them to match your business cards. I think they charge a small fee a month something like £6.00 or £7.00, but they enable you to take you site off the web to fix things or if you need to shut down due to illness etc.
You can even have music on the website, which most others don't provide.
I would advise you not to touch MRSite!

Hope this helps. Good luck.

Giuseppe Tomaselli
Feb 16 2012 4:55PM
Hi Kathy, I can truly recommend my provider. Very quick response, if I need help, and, once he did all the setting up (images, layout, etc.) I can upload my own info or change details whenever I want.
Ask for Shah, his number is 020 8298 9777 call between 9am – 4pm on Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri and Sat.
It will charge £99.00 per year to host and maintain and about £300.00 (including VAT) to set up.
Mention my name and that you are a therapist.
Please visit to see what he did with my web site.
Hope it will help,
Amanda Clegg
Feb 16 2012 4:58PM
We use a great 'virtual PA' lady called Lyn Thurman - who set us up with a wordpress site which we edit ourselves, and if you need help with words, my sister is a freelance copywriter/editor on
Amanda Clegg
Feb 16 2012 4:58PM
PS I think our hosting is only about £20 for the whole year.
Kathryn Kemp
Feb 16 2012 8:05PM
Thanks everyone, I'll take a look.

Rebecca, it's Vistaprint I'm trying to get away from, I've had nothing but hassle and problems with the site (they recently tried to 'fix' a problem and gave the website back to me minus all the graphics and the font in black courier, it took me ages to put it right!) - real shame though as I'm pleased with the look of the site and the printing they do.

Allison Cook
Feb 17 2012 9:40AM
hiya, try weebly - I find their site really intuitive to use.
Paula Kemp
Mar 8 2012 12:11PM
I would also recommend my website provider/host http://, very reasonably priced and easy to update and maintain. They also do the Healthy Pages site/forum too.

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