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Posted Feb 24 2012 6:57PM

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Hi, i'm the only therapist working in a hotel spa. i'm interested to know how many massages you can do without a break. I usally do 8 hours of back massage with a half hour break. Is this right as i'm strugling, please help.

Amanda Clegg
Feb 28 2012 12:56PM
Not sure what the regs are now - that seems too much with not a long enough break. best place to start is the HSE (Health & Safety Executive) who contrary to popular belief are not silly overkill jobsworths, but a pretty useful source of help for 'abused' workers.
Colette Barclay
Feb 28 2012 10:51PM
Directgov website is a good source of info..."As an adult(over 18), you will normally have the right to a 20 minute rest break if you are expected to work more than six hours at a stretch. A lunch or coffee break can count as your rest break. Additional breaks might be given by your contract of employment. There is no statutory right to 'smoking breaks'. The requirements are:

•the break must be in one block
•it cannot be taken off one end of the working day - it must be somewhere in the middle
•you are allowed to spend it away from the place on your employer's premises where you work
•your employer can say when the break must be taken, as long as it meets these conditions"

Hope this helps. Is there a sympathetic/approachable manager you can talk to about your workload?
Kerry Oliver
Mar 12 2012 10:06PM
that seems like far too much on a regular basis - your body will suffer over time as massage is very physical - unfortunately I do not have more guidance than others have already given about legislation but please look after yourself as there are many RSI type conditions you could be prone to - dont mean to scare you but it is very easy for therapists to look after others and damage themselves in the process. Good luck

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