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Posted by Urvashi Patel, Feb 28 2012 8:54AM

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knee op


Can anyone confirm after how long after an op i can provide reflexology? I was happy to do it after 6 weeks but client still has inflammation so not sure.

Amanda Clegg
Feb 28 2012 9:17AM
Don't know specifically about reflexology, but the main problem after 6 wks is probably still fluid/lymph in the lower limb, so gentle treatment for lymph drainage (probably Dr Vodder or other specific clinical routines) would be indicated. Suspect that needs to clear before anyuthing else can really be effective. HOpefully the person is being rigorous with their physio exercises, as those are critical for rehabilitating knee ops - far more, actually, than in hips.
Urvashi Patel
Feb 28 2012 9:41AM
Hi Amanda,

Thanks for the message... client is so desperate to have reflexology as she is a regular therefore do not want to get it wrong.
Kate Cowin
Feb 28 2012 10:56AM
As a reflexologist who has had both knees replaced (now several years ago), I would suggest that 6 weeks post op is fine unless the swelling/inflammation is due to active infection.

If all is normal, a gentle and shorter than usual treatment is indicated at first, confine yourself to feet (and/or hands) and don't work up the legs (if you normally do so). Post op, your client will be having 28 days anticoagulant injections to avoid DVT so may be likely to bruise more easily than usual - avoid Arnica. They will also be experiencing altered skin sensation and numbness from mid thigh downwards due to surgical damage to superficial nerves. This may never go away and may get worse. It is a minor annoyance but you need to be aware of it when checking that pressure is ok -it involves the lower leg but does not usually extend as far as the feet.

Your client will have discomfort straightening their knees, this is one of the exercises they need to work hard on but it means you need to offer a therapy position where the knees can be slightly flexed and supported by pillows and this may remain the case over time.

Probably not relevant for refelexology but other therapists may be reading this - your client will probably never be able to kneel, there is no padding between the metal and plastic of the new joint and the skin and kneeling is uncomfortable. Your client will always be tender and protective over their scar area.
Victoria Page
Feb 28 2012 10:09PM
Ouch Kate,

That was a really informative post, thank you for sharing your personal experience.

Victoria :)
Amanda Clegg
Feb 28 2012 10:29PM
yes thanks Kate, that's really great. BTW, the up-side of having knees done is that mobility is restored - My Dad went from crutches and misery to walking up a mountain in less than 6 months, at the age of 66.
Urvashi Patel
Mar 1 2012 8:10AM
HI Kate,

Thanks for reminding me of a few easy things that i may have forgotten. My client has had a microfraction done.
That's why this association is worth joining in order to share.

Thanks again

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