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Posted by Fedella Marsden, Mar 9 2012 1:10PM

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Where can I buy 18" - 26" Massage Table?

Does anybody know where I can buy a massage table that is height adjustable and goes as low as 18"? I need one to do No Hands Massage. The only one I have come across is Custom Craftworks Athena Table, but I only seem to be able to get one from the UK that goes as low as 23". To 18" ones can be bought from the manufacturers in America, but that means additional costs for delivery, bank transfers and import duty. Thanks
Amanda Clegg
Mar 9 2012 4:57PM
I'd have thought Oakworks - my Elite goes very low (haven't measured it) which I got from The Massage Table Store - lovely helpful people. Were near Gloucester when I got mine 9 years ago, but I htink have moved to somewhere north of london - comes up on google tho.

It's also very light, and has a detachable adjustable head ring attachment and arm support below it. All my clients remark on how comfy it is.
Fedella Marsden
Mar 9 2012 5:35PM
Hi Amanda, I've had a look on that website, but the lowest Oakworks seem to go to is 23" They did have another table that was electric and went as low as 18", but it was nearly £1500, more than I can afford at the moment! Thanks anyway
Lynn Bunton
Mar 10 2012 8:27AM
I too can recommend Oakworks tables from the Massage Table Store - in Glos. Just a thought - would a good carpenter be able to drill you a couple of holes to the height you require? Wouldn't think that would be too difficult a job for a wood worker!
Lynn - Cirencester.
Fedella Marsden
Mar 10 2012 9:16AM
Hi Lynne, thanks for your suggestion, it is a thought, but the Masters table I have now already has holes down to almost the bottom of the legs and I would only gain an extra inch which wouldn't be enough! Would be worth finding out if this is the case with other tables, thanks
Fedella Marsden
Mar 10 2012 9:17AM
Sorry, Lynn, added an E to your name!!
Amanda Clegg
Mar 10 2012 11:45PM
have you talked to the hands-free training people - you can't be alone in this search?
Fedella Marsden
Mar 11 2012 9:55AM
Yes, they buy theirs from Customcraft in America, otherwise they told me to look on e-bay, but I couldn't find anything. I guess there mustn't be many massage therapists less than 5ft tall!!
Suan-Lee Clynick
Mar 11 2012 6:33PM
Hi Fedella,
I have a Custom Craftworks table in teal. It is indeed and having just measured the height, the lowest it can go is 17 ins from the bottom of the feet to the top of the surface of the table. If you are interested in buying, please call me: 07811780622
Warm regards, Suan
Fedella Marsden
Mar 12 2012 10:06AM
Thanks Suan, I've just left a message on your answerphone. I'll try again later today
Ashling Cullen
Mar 12 2012 10:26AM
I need to point out that you cannot drill holes in your massage couch.
The couch will have been made to a design specification where load bearing is taken into account.
If you carry out any unauthorised adaptations to your couch, then the following applies

* The warranty will automatically be null and void.
* If a client has an accident with your couch (it may not be related to the additional holes in it) then the insurance company will not pay out, as they will deem that you have interfered with the structure of the couch.

I don't want anybody to make this mistake, hence my posting.
Suan-Lee Clynick
Mar 13 2012 9:48AM
Just to let everybody know that I have not made any alterations to my Custom Craftworks table as I have chosen the shorter leg version when I bought it!
Lynn Bunton
Mar 16 2012 4:54PM
Just to reassure everyone - I'm very pleased with both my Oakworks couches and to have suggested drilling holes to lower the height wasn't the best idea! Got everyone talking though! Hope all's well and a suitable couch's been found.

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