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Posted by Sandra Mary Smith, Mar 15 2012 1:43PM

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I have sent a querry on the ask a question link. It was sent on the 24th of February.
I had a reply from the admin team saying it was being sent on to the subject matter experts.
I have still not had a reply even though I have sent two further messages to Zara asking her to chase it up.

I really think this is poor, it happened to me last year as well and I thought twice about renewing my membership.
Any thoughts any one ? I should just add that as a farily new therapist being able to ask questions and get advice is one of the most important things I want from an organisation.

Kathryn Kemp
Mar 15 2012 1:50PM
Hi Sandra

I've always found this is the best place to ask questions - everyone is really helpful and friendly - not had a problem yet...

Kind regards
Amanda Clegg
Mar 15 2012 1:54PM
what was y our question? I wonder why we missed it first time round - this forum is more geared to peer-to-peer support and 'head office' don't normally get involved
Sandra Mary Smith
Mar 15 2012 2:01PM
Amanda my question was to the admin team using the link 'ask a question', its one of the things available to members.
Sandra Mary Smith
Mar 15 2012 2:39PM
My question was regarding indian Head Massage, a potential new client does have hemaplegic migraines from time to time.
Obviously you wouldnt massage anyone having a migraine, im sure they would be too incapacitated anyway,
but wasnt sure if I should be taking any other cautions due to the type of migraine she gets ?
thanks boths of you for reply,
Kathryn Kemp
Mar 15 2012 2:53PM
I found this article if it helps:

I think I'd be inclined to ask her GP - sorry not much help.

Sandra Mary Smith
Mar 16 2012 12:42PM
Thank you Kathryn,
I t is helpful,
Sandra :)
Kerrie Campbell
Mar 16 2012 12:57PM
Sandra. The same thing has happened to me with the ask a question link. They have got back to me but it took a really long time probably about 6 wks! Advice to my many questions was to attend my local group meetings and ask them. I am getting the impression that this association is more geared up for peer advice though the CThA were helpful when I phoned them.
The peer advice I have experienced so far has been wonderful and generous, there are many people out there with lots of first hand experience.

Best regards

Sandra Mary Smith
Mar 16 2012 1:34PM
Thanks Kerrie,

I have had a reply now.
I appreciate that we can all call on each other, and have done that a few times. It has all been really helpful.
My point is if there is the option to 'ask a question' to the ctha, they should respond within a reasonable time scale. As I said it is one of the things that I joined the association for. Sometimes I just feel the need for some official advice, especially with things like contraindications. My querry was forwarded to 'subject matter experts', who have now responded.
Regards Sandra :)

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