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Posted by Rosemary Patten, Apr 5 2012 1:42PM

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JAPANESE HOLISTIC FACE MASSAGE Venues: Bromley, Kent and Regents College NW1

Rose Health and Well Being contact Rosemary Patten
School of Natural Health Workshops – Japanese Holistic Face Massage

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn a wonderful, truly holistic massage routine which will add a new dimension to your practice. The Japanese Holistic Face Massage will transform your client’s skin and improve their overall wellbeing. Here’s how.

What is Japanese Holistic Face Massage?
Japanese holistic face massage is a therapeutic treatment of the face, neck, shoulders and head. The unique movements have been handed down unchanged for centuries. Ancient knowledge of the energy lines (meridians) and pressure points (acupressure) together with unique massage techniques gives a massage that will bring peace and harmony as tension and stress are released on an emotional as well as a physical level, leaving skin looking radiant.

This massage draws upon the traditional Taoist system of medicine, where the emphasis is on releasing blocked energy leading to better health and vitality. Ki energy is like an orchestra working in synchrony and this massage helps to retune the energy pathways. Adapted by the Japanese over a thousand years ago, it has historically been used primarily by Geisha women to invigorate well-being and help radiate outer beauty; in keeping with the time honoured tradition that the face reflects inner calm.

Course Components
• You will learn a combination of effleurage, petrissage and percussion which encourage the flow of lymph allowing nutrients in and releasing toxins while stimulating muscle groups
• Learn about healing energy and how this helps re-balance spiritually, emotionally and physically
• Gain knowledge of energy lines and pressure points of the face and how they aid the body to heal itself
• Taught in a relaxed, easy to follow manner with clear supporting materials
• Information on basic skin types and the benefits of natural ingredients within a treatment
• Entry onto this course requires a previous knowledge of massage.
• Can be used as an express 30-minute treatment alone, using aromatic oils
• Can be used as part of a luxurious facial routine using natural ingredients (1 hour treatment)
• It is an effective treatment for use in hospices, hospitals or clinics as it lifts the patient’s mood, stimulates lost appetite and, in the case of patients with facial atrophy due to or Bells Palsy or strokes, the massage may improve facial movements.
• Integrate with another holistic treatment e.g. Acupressure, Aromatherapy, Back Massage Reflexology etc
Physiological Benefits
• Promotes healing by accessing all body organs via meridians and pressure points
• Releases toxins in skin tissue and throughout the body
• Lymphatic drainage aids cell renewal and puffiness to face, neck and shoulders
• Unique massage techniques will stimulate muscle tone
• Targets specific disorders by balancing blocked Ki
Psychological Benefits
• Balances deficient and stagnating Ki energy therefore re-balances the whole body emotionally and spiritually
• Help re-align chakras
• Wonderful sense of well-being, confidence and a more positive outlook
Christine Collins
Apr 5 2012 2:36PM
Please forward more details -dates,cost etc to
Frances Kelly
Apr 5 2012 4:03PM
can you let me know cost, dates and venue for Kent please
Rosemary Patten
Apr 7 2012 10:48AM
Further Information on Course

Japanese Holistic Face Massage
2-day Course Approved by CThA 10 Credits £165

Times 10am/5.30pm lunch break and small break in the morning and afternoon
Address: Ripley Art Centre
24 Sundridge Avenue
Bromley, Kent. BR1 2PX
Ripley Art Centre is a lovely Edwardian building with a garden in Bromley, (5 minutes drive from town centre). Sundridge Park Station is a 10 minute walk or bus 314 (runs frequently) from Bromley North or Sundridge Park that drops opposite centre.
What to ware
Comfortable clothing you will be receiving as well as giving this wonderful massage.
Further Information
It is given while seated that is a bonus for any Aromatherapist. It is a very versatile massage and can be used in many situations and has hardly any contra indications and can be used in all circumstances. Whether you are spiritual or not this massage will be an asset to any business- once you client have tried it they will wish to receive again and again.
Payment details
Cheques made payable to Rosemary Patten in advance to secure your place.
Internet banking details given on request

For further information please do not hesitate to telephone me Mob: 07903 427972
*Attached detailed information
Tiffany Suki Primrose Stephens
Apr 7 2012 1:01PM
I can't see the dates.....
Rosemary Patten
Apr 7 2012 6:33PM
Dates: 9 & 10 June 2012 Ripley Art Centre Bromley
30 June & 1st July 2012

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