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Posted by Rhonda Bailey, Apr 8 2012 6:12PM

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Qigong Workshop - 22nd April, Bexleyheath

Yi Jin Jing is a set of 12 exercises which improve flexibility, muscular strength and balance. The exercises can also improve the mobility of joints and blood circulation, stimulate the digestive and nervous systems, strengthen the lungs and reduce fatigue.

This workshop is ideal for therapists who want to understand about Qigong and experience the benefits before recommending it to their clients. It is great for strengthening posture and can alleviate problems experienced by therapists, e.g. shoulder problems. Many of the movements can form useful exercises to offer as after-care advice.

The workshops are practical-based with explanations along the way. The exercises originated in ancient China and the set being taught was developed by the Chinese Health Qigong Association to maximise the benefits to health. The exercises are easy to learn and adaptable to different abilities and age groups. In fact, Yi Jin Jing can easily be adapted and carried out as a series of seated exercises. No previous experience necessary.

Sunday 22nd April - 10am - 1pm
COST: £20
LOCATION: BEXLEYHEATH (full details on booking form)
CONTACT: Rhonda Bailey 07985 001782

Susan Head
Apr 8 2012 10:28PM
Hi Rhonda, sue head would like to attend the Qigong if there are places available on the 22nd April. can I pay you on the day?

Hope you are well?

Look forward to hearing from you.
Rhonda Bailey
Apr 9 2012 12:12PM
Hi Susan,

Good to hear from you and I can reserve you a place. I would prefer pre-payment as I need to keep a track of numbers so I'll email you a booking form with the details.

Many thanks,
Yvonne Webb
Apr 10 2012 3:53PM
Hi Rhonda

I would love to do this but I am not free on that day. Is there an alternative? Please let me know for the next one. Regards
Rhonda Bailey
Apr 10 2012 4:19PM
Hi Yvonne,

I run a few workshops a year so I'll let you know if I do this or a similar one again.
Thanks for your interest.

Christine Collins
Apr 11 2012 10:16AM
Hi Rhonda,

I would also be interested in doing this workshop but unavaiable on the 22nd will book/attend if there are other dates available.


Rhonda Bailey
Apr 11 2012 10:32AM
Hi Christine,

Thanks for your interest. I'll post further workshop details on the forum near the dates. There are further details on my website if you want to check it out...copy and paste this link:

Rhonda Bailey
Apr 16 2012 7:03PM

There are still a few places available at this workshop if anyone else is interested.
Feel free to phone or email me for further information.


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