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Posted by Hilary Ellis, Apr 18 2012 9:53AM

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Planning Permission

Has anyone any advice or tips about working from home performing Holistic & Beauty treatments from a planning point of view. I am setting up in a new location and don't want to take on premises to start with.
Sandra Mary Smith
Apr 18 2012 10:44AM
your local coucil is your best bet re planning special treatment licences etc, i know what mine would say but they are all different,
regards sandra
Hilary Ellis
Apr 18 2012 11:26AM
Thank you, did you have any problems getting permission.
Sandra Mary Smith
Apr 18 2012 11:55AM
i decided to go mobile, for the time being,
there was so much red tape from my council, licence, implications for my mortgage, house ins, police and fire check.
Im glad i did, i have so few clients that it wouldnt be worth it at the moment, added to that i have a husband who works shifts, so arranging appts around that would have been difficult.
If you already have established business it might be worth it for you.
Sandra Mary Smith
Apr 18 2012 12:10PM
just to add i have a friend/therapist, only eight miles away, who has none of the above to comply with.
So really does depend on where you live.
Hilary Ellis
Apr 18 2012 12:53PM
Oh thank you Sandra that is really helpful, I will see what they say although my council are known to be awkward !
Sandra Mary Smith
Apr 18 2012 2:49PM
no problem,
would be interested to hear how you get on,
Hilary Ellis
Apr 18 2012 6:20PM
I will let you know.

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