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Posted by Helen Grinder, Apr 19 2012 11:29AM

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Free accommodation at a Retreat for Therapists

As a volunteer therapist in a Hospice I soon realised that one thing that carers and therapists have in common is that they are so busy looking after other people tend to not take care of themselves. They are great at giving but not as good at receiving. This summer I am launching well-being retreats at our 12th Century Monastery in rural France and to start things off I am offering free accommodation for a small group of practising therapists to experience the amazing energy there, share therapies, relax and recharge. This is 16th June for 7 days. Take a look at my website , see if it resonates with you, and send me a message via the contact form.
Victoria Page
Apr 19 2012 1:19PM
Hi Helen, would love to find out more. I tried the website link but couldn't get it to work? Is it just me? I copied and pasted the link

Victoria :)
Helen Grinder
Apr 19 2012 2:03PM
Hi Victoria.
I have just typed the address into the website and it fired up. However one of my clients did have problems loading it in google chrome. She tried it in another browser and it was fine. I am not very computer savvy and have not worked out how to successfully post links. Please let me know how you get on as it is helpful to know...this whole website thing is a steep learning curve!
Good luck
Victoria Page
Apr 19 2012 2:10PM
Thanks Helen, I am using chrome here so will try on my own pc later this evening.

Laurel Bruce
Apr 20 2012 12:00PM

You have a lovely place and it sounds like a good place for relaxation, it is true that as therapists we forget that we also need to relax. i have also spotted the the issue with the web site not opening up. in your first post there is a typo butit works in yur second posting of the web address

Love and light

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