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Posted by Hilary Ellis, Apr 20 2012 11:14AM

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Insurance Cover problem

Has anyone had to overcome the problem of working within a leisure centre where the councils have asked for insurance cover of £10,000,000 ! my insurance covers me for 5,000,000 Public Liability. Seems this is normal within the leisure industry. Any suggestions or feedback would be most welcome as Looks like we will have to find other alternative premises to work from.
Nicki Lee
Apr 27 2012 6:17PM
Have you contacted your insurance company? It may be easy for them to increase your cover, and I would hope it wouldn't cost too much more.

Good luck!

Hilary Ellis
May 2 2012 5:07PM
I have been able to take out 'a bridge' to my existing insurance cover through Balens , it is costing me about £22 per month which is better than trying to find somewhere new at the moment.
Nicki Lee
May 2 2012 5:32PM
That seems a little expensive, but worth it if you can keep the premises. Hopefully when it's time to renew you'll be able to find something less costly.

I didn't realise the requirement for the extra liability for leisure centres - especially with massage, just what kind of catastrophe would they expect you could create with your two hands :) But of course logic has nothing to do with these decisions.

Glad you were able to get sorted. Best of luck!


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