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Posted by Kathryn Kemp, Apr 25 2012 9:22AM

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Massage and Hyper-mobility of the joints

Hi, I've got my first client coming soon suffering with hyper-mobility of the joints. She is requesting a deep tissue massage as she has a very physical job and "aches all over". Any tips.?

Many thanks
Nicki Lee
Apr 25 2012 10:01AM

A good thorough massage, specific in working the muscles, will probably help quite a lot. 'Deep' is a relative term, always be careful not to force the tissues but wait until they release before going deeper (apologies if this is teaching you how to suck eggs!)

I'd be interested in the type of physical job - for hypermobile joints the best thing you can do is strengthen the muscles, as the hypermobility puts a strain on them. Also to be careful when stretching they don't go too far - the muscle needs to stretch, not the ligaments. So if you can give her some exercises to do, and/or point her towards pilates or yoga that would be helpful.

You might find passive ROM is also good as part of the treatment.

Kathryn Kemp
Apr 25 2012 10:15AM
Thanks Nicki - I thought I'd read somewhere that the tense muscles are potentially supporting the hypermobile joints and releasing them too much wasn't a good idea.?
Nicki Lee
Apr 25 2012 10:52AM
Yes, I agree, which is why in the long term strengthening is the key.
Kathryn Kemp
Apr 25 2012 3:54PM
Thanks Nicki

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