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Posted by Jane Hopwood, Apr 27 2012 7:34PM

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fallen foot arches

Hi, I find this site invaluable to the extra research I do and I get clear advice which sends me in the right direction. My query is when someone has fallen arches -why do their feet hurt so much when sleeping and waking up to really bad aching feet. Kind regards jane
Angela Rawlins
Apr 28 2012 12:28PM
Hi Jane

It may be that the tendons and muscles have been under strain during the day and whilst at rest, they then complain. I've had plantar faciitis in both feet and it usually after rest, they then hurt more:(
Jane Hopwood
Apr 29 2012 3:48PM
Thanks for the reply. That is very helpful. Kind regards Jane
Mike Colquhoun
Apr 30 2012 6:43PM
Hi Jane
Try small heel lifts during the day, obtainable at any good chemist. Unfortunately if the problem is severe your Patient needs a Podiatrist and some very expensive orthotics but the good news is that this works.
The reason for he pain in the mornings is that the muscles have been far too tight all night and have squeezed all the blood out of them so the nerves want you to move and pump some blood through, unfortunately this is a bit like putting cold hands in hot water everything comes back to life a bit excessively. Check that the Achilles tendon is free in its sheath, look at both achilles as the patient moves the feet you will immediately notice any difference, treat for inflammation if it is sticking. Check the calf muscles for spasms, free these if they are present.
Best of luck Mike
Angela Rawlins
May 1 2012 4:18PM

I think your client should visit the doctor for a diagnosis, I suspect plantar facciitis as I have had it twice. A referral to a physio for treatment with strapping and ultrasound, that failing, cortisone injections may be offered. It is a long slow recovery process, and I do agree that it can be caused by too tight calf muscles pulling on the achilies.
Jane Hopwood
May 2 2012 5:46AM
Thanks a lot. Jane
Angelina Kelly
May 2 2012 7:39PM
Hi Jane,

Perhaps some reflexology might help this helps to get the feet working to the optimum best and massages all the muscles, tendons and nerves of the feet thereby providing enormous relief to all.

Angelina Kelly
Jane Hopwood
May 3 2012 6:09AM
Thanks for the reply. It is great advice. Jane
Angela Rawlins
May 3 2012 10:16AM
Hi Jane

I'm also a Reflexologist and how I have dealt with a client is to give a good calf massage and including the reflex areas on shins. This helps to loosen off the muscles and the Achilles:)

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