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Posted by Ian Chesnick, Jul 11 2006 4:31PM

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Male Mobile Massage Therapist Available

Dear all

'It's tough being a man in a womans world!'

Someone else must have said it first, I'm sure. I'm looking for any advice on how I can begin to build a small numebr of clients on a part time/evening basis, as I have a little boy of 8 months and am unable to give up my full time job. I live in Harrogate, North Yorkshire and believe there are not many male therapists available in the area - yet enquiries are few and far between and I'm sure it's because I am a man!

Any help gladly received!


Ruth Maguire
Aug 24 2006 10:09AM
Hi Ian

Personally I have found that most of my clients have come through referrals. I think for women having a therapist come into their home they prefer to have someone who has been recommended by someone they know this would probably be more so for a male therapist.

Not hugely helpful you might think as you need to get the first few clients to get referrals from however looking at my current client base the males clients I have came from marketing activity. How about targeting men first? It might be that with massage therapy they would be more comfortable with a man. The majority of male clients I have are quite active and involved in sports perhaps you could approach local sports clubs and offer to do a talk for their members or handout flyers offering a discount?

Good Luck Ian and feel free to get in touch if you want to discuss it further.
Marek Gabor
Sep 13 2006 3:40PM
are you joking? womans world? yeaah maybe here in the UK,I think you should go back to the massage or any therapy history and find out that is men who began, so be confident and later on you find out that when you get your coming back clients that they actualy prefer mens hands for treatment. Good luck its take time to build up a clientele. MAREK
Norman Dunsby, MSc, PgDip
Sep 20 2006 11:09PM
Marek I agree with your reply to Ian, historically massage and other therapies were started by men which are currently practised in today's health systems - thank goodness for MAN KIND !!
Stephen Harris
Sep 26 2006 12:38AM
I think Ruth's suggestions are very helpful and would add that you may consider asking existing female clients if they could be used as references, you could then add the line 'references available' to your ads/flyers.

I also disagree with your suggestion that it be a 'womans world'. However, it is rediculous to suggest (as was commented) that a mans hands can do a better massage. It is the skill of the therapist who's hands are in tune with their client that brings the most benefit and has nothing to do with the sex of the therapist who's hands they belong!

Marek Gabor
Sep 28 2006 10:04PM
I'm very sorry for my wrong interpretation that male's hand are better than female one.Of course it depends on the skills and the sex is not an issue.I'm just so fortunate that clients (males & females)prefer male's hands.My teachers were both female and way for saying her or him was better as they both were excellent. As I mentioned before Its just my positive experience from being male therapist.

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