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Posted by Hayley Ollis, May 3 2012 11:10AM

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Tension in lower back, knots on illiac crest

I had a client whos lower back, sacrum was very knotty but there was also knots on both sides which sat on top of his illiac crest which even which pressure and manipulation wouldnt break down.
Anyone had this before? Any tips to help?
Nicki Lee
May 3 2012 11:19AM
Hi Hayley,

One thing to check is that the 'bumps and lumps' you're feeling are actually trigger points or knots. I've often found 'lumpy' areas over the sacrum which may be fatty lumps or scar tissue. If there is no discomfort on palpation it might be something like this.

However if they are trigger points I find Soft Tissue Release used actively (with the client doing the movement, lengthening the spine by tilting hips) very helpful for this area, and this is generally my preferred method for this.

Best of luck,
Mike Colquhoun
May 3 2012 12:53PM
Hi Hayley
You need to learn about mobilisation [a lost massage technique, Manipulation is an Osteopathic or Chiropractic one] to help this condition quickly, the problem is that if you use mobilisation you get your Patients much better much faster but that means that you need many more Patients to make a living. So actually just keep using the techniques you were taught in training and they will help your Patient more slowly, but they are perfectly effective.
Mobilisation isn’t difficult but I would need to talk you through what to do in this case if you want to understand why it works. If you just want to try a safe technique that will probably help and certainly do no harm, lay the patient face up with their knees up and feet together on the couch. Have them try to spread their knees using only one third of their strength only as you hold the knees together [Chest against the outside of one knee and hands linked round the outside of the other]. This pulls the sacrum inwards through the Piriformis’ [or is that ii?] which attach from the outside of the legs to the inside of the sacrum. Since the legs can’t move the sacrum must.
You can find my number if you want it on my web site .uk
Hope this helps Mike

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