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Posted by Jane Hopwood, May 4 2012 8:51AM

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I have just had my CThA Holistic insurance renewal and they want £107. Thats £40 more than last year. Does anyone insure with them and do you think this is reasonable? I do holistic massage, hot stone massage, reflexology and hopi ear candling. Thanks Jane
Ishbel Poole
May 4 2012 9:00AM
I insure with Balens but that's for homeopathy, herbs and nutrition although I think they do insure all holistic therapies. It would definitely be worth your while looking at a few other insurers and comparing prices. That's if there isn't any obvious reason for the price hike - eg you had a claim last year or something. best wishes Ishbel
Nicki Lee
May 4 2012 9:13AM
Hi Jane,

I just renewed and paid £58 and £47 for membership and insurance (can't remember which figure is which) so is that rate you are quoted only for insurance or for membership too? If it's only insurance I'd give them a call, that seems pretty unusual.

You don't have to insure through CThA to be a member and there are a lot of companies out there now.

Good luck!

Sue Hannaford
May 4 2012 9:48AM
Hi Jane, I have also just renewed the same, membership (£58) and insurance (£47). If that is just for insurance, contact Rose at Holistic Insurance direct to find out why. What is an otoscope?!?!
Angela Rawlins
May 5 2012 11:14PM
I'm with them and I don't pay that! I do Reflexology, Reiki, Hopi candles, EFT. I only pay about £50. Must be the hot stones
Sue Hannaford
May 6 2012 10:31AM
Nope, I do hot stone massage as well at £47 for insurance.
Jane Hopwood
May 7 2012 3:53PM
Hi thanks for replies. I am presuming it is a mistake then and will ring them. Ive paid the £58 membership and yes £107 for the insurance. I was going to look elsewhere but now consider it may be a mistake. Otoscope is used to look in ears prior to ear candling. Do any of you use one? Kind regards
Angela Rawlins
May 7 2012 8:08PM
Hi Jane

Yes I use one. I was trained by Sue Maunsell some years ago. I don't think that'll put your fee up!

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