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Posted by Alanna Armstrong-McCarroll, May 4 2012 5:48PM

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Insurance Company won't cover claim!


A client put a claim in for personal injury as the result of claiming to be burn't after a hot stone massage.

After 13 months, the insurance company have told the claimants solicitor (not me) that they are not covering the claim as hot stone is not covered by the policy.

Although I am disputing this I need to know what to do short-term as the solicitors are asking us to respond admitting/denying liability, make an offer or get legal advice???

Roushan Martens
May 4 2012 5:53PM
Oh, that's awful! It's things like this that you're a member of a professional organisation for - contact CThA direct, they should be able to advise you. Didn't they set up a legal helpline? I'm sure I saw it in one of the magazines a while ago, can anyone remember?

Sorry not to be more help, but definitely contact CThA about this, and good luck!

Sue Hannaford
May 4 2012 5:58PM
What a horrid position to be in. The insurance certificate should be clear - mine says hot stone on it. The usual position with insurance (say motor insurance) is that you aren't allowed to admit liability. I don't understand why you are talking directly to the claimant's solicitor - bit risky? All contact should surely be through your insurance company and/or solicitor. I also agree about getting legal helpline assistance. Are you insured through CThA?
Sue Hannaford
May 4 2012 5:59PM
Alanna Armstrong-McCarroll
May 4 2012 6:01PM
hi All

Thank you

Just to confirm, although we are now insured with the Holistic Insurance Service, this claim relates to insurance through Groupama (NEVER USE!) and was taken out through a broker

Thanks again
Sue Hannaford
May 4 2012 6:07PM
Hmmmm. Either hot stone was on your old policy or it wasn't? Definitely get initial advice from legal helpline.
Roushan Martens
May 4 2012 7:28PM
I would hope the legal helpline is for members of CThA, rather than just queries about Holistic Insurance Services claims, and they'll help you even though it's a claim on another insurance. If they say, however, that they won't help, the CThA surely still would have to give you some advice, as you're one of their members, whoever the insurance is with. Just a thought.
Alanna Armstrong-McCarroll
May 5 2012 10:21AM
Thanks for your reply, I am planning on calling the helpline on Tuesday

THanks again
Angela Rawlins
May 5 2012 9:35PM
Check your policy details. Perhaps call the insurance ombudsman.

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