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Posted by Diane Chapman, May 4 2012 8:46PM

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Extra Income

Hi I am a Nail Technician I also run coffee networking mornings in surrey and help other Therapists earn a substancial additional income through doing something they love. dianechapman8@gmail for next venue date/time
Amanda Clegg
May 5 2012 1:04AM
whereabouts in Surrey are you, Diane? It's quite a big county!
Angela Rawlins
May 5 2012 9:31PM
Yes, that it is:)) Were are you??? :))
Diane Chapman
May 5 2012 10:10PM

I am in Epsom I am in the middle of changing venue's, finalizing The Chalk Lane Hotel in Epsom. What area are you in?
Angela Rawlins
May 5 2012 10:29PM
Wokingham, Berks
Diane Chapman
May 6 2012 8:45PM
Ok, what I do for people who are further away is link up on skype. I download a presentation which you can follow at home and I just go through it...takes about 20mins and gives you an overall picture of this great opportunity..Is that something I can do for you? Diane

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