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Posted by Rosemary Patten, May 10 2012 11:53AM

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Japanese Holistic Face Massage at Bromley Full new event 30June/1July REGENT'S COLLEGE LONDON

Rosemary Patten School of Natural Health.

What is Japanese Holistic Face Massage?
Japanese holistic face massage is a therapeutic treatment of the face, neck, shoulders and head. The unique movements have been handed down unchanged for centuries. Ancient knowledge of the energy lines (meridians) and pressure points (acupressure) together with unique massage techniques gives a massage that will bring peace and harmony as tension and stress are released on an emotional as well as a physical level, leaving skin looking radiant.

Sarah Chandler
May 11 2012 3:45PM
Hiya - could you please tell me more - ie details - prices/location/times(I know you said Bromley - I live in Beckenham - sorry not heard of this college!)
Rosemary Patten
May 11 2012 6:40PM
Thank you for your enquiry if you look at my website There is further information.
Here is some or the beneifits
What is the Japanese Holistic Face Massage?
A massage of the face, neck, shoulders and head over a thousand years old, it has historically been used primarily by Geisha women to invigorate well-being. The emphasis is on balancing deficient and stagnating Ki energy leading to better health and vitality.

What are the workshop’s components?
• You will learn a combination of effleurage, petrissage and percussion which encourage the flow of lymph allowing nutrients in and releasing toxins while stimulating muscle groups

• Gain knowledge of Ki energy lines and pressure points of the face and how this helps re-balance spiritually, emotionally and physically

• Taught in a relaxed, easy to follow manner with clear supporting materials

• Information on basic skin types and the benefits of natural ingredients within a treatment

• Entry onto this course requires a previous knowledge of massage.

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