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Posted by Mariette Lobo, Jul 19 2006 10:48PM

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Person trace

Does anyone know the whereabouts of Carol Vander Wiede (Reiki Master)? Last I heard, she was based in Greenhills, East Kilbride, Scotland. I am trying to make contact with her (I did my Reiki Master training with her).

Mariette Lobo
Joyce Laurie
Jul 20 2006 8:57AM

Do you know if she stayed in Strathaven as this name seems familiar to me?

I am in Hamilton so not to far from EK. I can ask around if you like?
Mariette Lobo
Jul 20 2006 9:11AM
Yes - she did when she was still married to Ted Vander Wiede. They divorced, she remarried, and moved to Greenhills in East Kilbride after re-marrying someone called Eric, I think.. I have an address and telephone number (thanks to Embody responses) but nobody know if these details are current ie she was last at this address/telephone number 3 years ago. I've rung the number and left a message. Fingers crossed I get a reply. But if you have current details, I'd welcome them.

Many thanks.

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