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Posted by Helen Grinder, May 18 2012 7:25PM

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Seminar/ Retreat for Therapists

As a volunteer therapist in a Hospice I soon realised that one thing that carers and therapists have in common is that they are so busy looking after other people tend to not take care of themselves. They are great at giving but not as good at receiving. I made my healing centre in France available to therapists to relax, recuperate, recharge their batteries and share therapies. There was such a lot of interest in this and a lot of people who would have liked to come but were unable to do so at that time so, I have made it available as a business seminar and thus a tax deductible expense....August and September. Are you a self employed therapist or do you have an associated holistic business? If so, this Seminar is a must for you, your business and your long suffering family and friends who have probably had to put up with an often tired and frustrated you. These seminars are being held at a very special 12th Century Monastery in rural France and are limited to just 8 Ladies per seminar. Being a therapist can be a lonely occupation even though you are dealing with people all the time. The world needs more healers and therapists and many are falling by the wayside as they struggle on alone, giving all their energy into caring for others.
My special seminar provides an opportunity for you to network with other professionals, share ideas and therapies, offer mutual support, find out about a wonderful therapy that came from The Monastery itself, marketing initiatives and professional development and much more…all in a unique and relaxing environment …best of all it is a legitimate tax deductible expense!!
Please go to my website look at the retreats page to get a feel of the place and what we offer and message me via the contact form. The seminars are 7 days, beginning 11th August, 18th August, 25th August and 1st September and are filling up fast. The total cost of the seminar, including accommodation and meals is just £425 per participant. Visit my website for further information and contact details.

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