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Posted by David Cash, Jun 3 2012 11:40AM

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Treating amputees

I am writing a research paper on treating amputees for my advanced remedial massage diploma and wondered whether anyone has any specific advice or experience regarding assessing/treating/benefits of treatment for amputees?

There is quite a bit of info online from other sources but wondered if anyone treats amputees regularly and would be willing to share their experiences with me?

In my own practice both my general and specific aassessments involve comparing sides and looking at balance and symmetry. My assumption is that this is going to be complicated where there has been one or more amputations and where there may or may not be a prosthetic.

It would also be good to hear if people have found that massage or other treatment helps in e.g. reducing phantom limb pain or other amputee-specific problems.

Thanks in advance
Nicki Lee
Jun 3 2012 12:29PM
What an interesting piece of work you've chosen, I hope when complete you will put a link onto the forum or otherwise make it available to read.
My experience is limited but I'm happy to share: I treated a woman in her 40s over a period of about 8 months who had many years previously lost one leg above the knee due to an accident. She had a prosthetic which affecte her gait and of course her hips and back directly. She had the previous year stated a serious fitness training programme which helped a lot, but still had low back pain, which I found came from tension in her hips. She had other effects from the accident so it's hard to pin down exact cause and effect of everything. One thing she did particularly enjoy, however, was having her stump gently massaged. I believe this was probably from nerve endings being irritated from prothetic, and probably the nerves were never 'right' after surgery.
I realise this is anecdotal so probably not of much value to your paper, and I hope you get a good response. One other area you might try is Linked In - there are a lot of forums there specifically for massage and bodyworkers with hundreds of active and experienced therapists who I've found are happy to share their experiences. (You can Link In with me, if you like, and see the forums I participate in as a starting point, if you would like.)
Best of luck,
David Cash
Jun 3 2012 12:58PM
Thanks Nikki - that's useful. I think anecdotal is fine and yes I will put a link here when it's complete. I'll try linked in too.

What prompted me to think about this as a topic was being asked by a physio if a young lad could borrow my treatment room (i have a room in a sports centre) to adjust his prosthetic limb. I just thought that I treat so many things which are the result of people compensating for problems in other parts of their body (who have all their limbs), so what is going to be the case when they don't.

Thanks again
Rachel Jane Brockhurst
Jun 7 2012 9:42PM
Hi David,
I was intrigued by your research topic and although I'm afraid I cannot offer any experiences to share, I wondered if you would mind sharing the details of the course you are doing? I'm looking for some more advanced courses to do in massage but am continually baffled by the sheer number and variety available. I like the idea of the opportunity to write as well as practice.
The very best with your studies,
David Cash
Jun 8 2012 9:39AM
Hi Rachel,

The course I am on is this one :

Not sure whether you will find anything similar in London but good luck!

Take care
David Cash
Jun 8 2012 9:40AM
Hi Nikki,

I haven't been able to find you on linked in - perhaps you could link to me?

Rachel Jane Brockhurst
Jun 8 2012 10:09AM
Thanks David, That's a useful starting point for looking for similar programmes in the south.

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