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Posted by Trisha Gabriel, Jun 3 2012 12:49PM

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advice on reflexology in first trimester pregnancy

New prospective client booked for reflexology has just had pregnancy confirmed. I have been qualified for many years and treated pregnant women, but now it seems first trimester is regared as a time of caution, or contra indicated. I am not a maternity reflexologist, and therefore apprehensive about whether to treat gently, or advise client to ask midwife/doctor, or to not treat until after 3 months. When I trained it was usual to treat gently and not avoid. I have helped clients within first trimester with morning sickness...I would be glad of advice.
Elizabeth Rabone
Jul 3 2012 6:36PM
Hi Trisha
I haven't had huge experience of treating women in first trimester pregnancy, but one of my regular clients conceived and had a treatment when she only knew that her period was late and she'd gone off one or two foods (probably would have been too soon to show she was pregnant). She had monthly treatments with me throughout her pregnancy - I avoided the reflex points for the uterus, ovaries and pituitary and did lots of lymphatic drainage. I think a lot would depend on how healthy your client is and how stable the pregnancy is (my client was very healthy and had a fairly troublefree pregnancy).
Hope this is of some help to you.

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