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Posted by Sally Chamness, Jun 7 2012 12:03AM

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£25 Discount on Summer Workshops at Inspire Massage Workshops!!!!

We have a wide variety of inspiring workshops available this summer at London’s Inspire Massage Workshops and CThA members can receive a £25 discount on all of the courses offered during June/July. To receive your £25 discount simply use voucher code 25 when booking your course online or via phone on 0844 478 0477.

These workshops will help you learn new skills and expand your repertoire of techniques.

16 June – Certificate in Colon/Deep Organ Massage – 2-days
Course price - £210 – with CThA discount - £185
Colon/Deep Organ Massage is an excellent detox treatment, which seeks to restore the whole digestive system to its pre-stressed state. It is suitable for a wide range of clients suffering from tiredness, constipation, bloating and stress and will leave your clients feeling great.

16 June – Certificate in Myofascial Release – 1-day
Course price - £130 – with CThA discount - £105
Myofascial Release is a direct and powerful method of releasing tension from common tension areas such as the neck, diaphragm, lower back and pelvis. This course will be presented by a special guest tutor, Cameron Greinke, who has begun working with the Medical Services Team of the 2012 London Olympics.

16 June – Certificate in On-Site Seated Massage – 1-day
Course price - £130 – with CThA discount - £105
Do you find that you have times during the week that need to be filled or are you looking for new opportunities for your practice? Learning On-Site Seated Massage allows you to break free from the clinic and take your services directly to clients. On-Site Seated Massage can be done in offices, festivals, exhibitions, shopping centres, shops and many other places outside of a clinic. This workshop teaches you the skills needed to safely offer an effective clothed massage to a wide range of clients.

30 June – Certificate in Going Deeper with Forearms/Elbows – 1-day
Course price - £130 – with CThA discount - £105
As therapists we need to look out for our own well being as well as our clients and with this workshop we show you a unique fusion of techniques and skills, which maximise the effectiveness of your work, while reducing wear and tear on yourself.

1 July – Certificate in Chinese Cupping – 1-day
Course price - £130 – with CThA discount - £105
Cupping has been proven as an important part of Chinese Medicine for thousands of years and is now establishing itself as part of clinic care within areas of the NHS. Chinese Cupping is used to treat many musculo-skeletal conditions and uses heat and suction to draw out wastes and toxins from deep tissue, which can relieve pain and make the accompanying massage much more effective.

7 July – Advanced Bodywork for Upper Back, Neck & Shoulders – 2-day
Course price - £210 – with CThA discount - £185
If you are looking to increase your repertoire of techniques, Advanced Bodywork for Upper Back, Neck & Shoulders will give you a wide variety of tricks that will amaze and impress your clients while improving your own understanding and development.

7 July – Certificate in Indian Head Massage – 1-day
Course price - £130 – with CThA discount - £105
Indian Head Massage is another great treatment for those looking to take their treatments directly to clients. This treatment is completely portable, doesn’t require disrobing and relieves tension, headaches and stress with massage to the shoulders, neck, scalp and face.

7 July – Certificate in ‘Table Thai’ Massage – 1-day
Course price - £130 – with CThA discount - £105
This workshop teaches you the ancient eastern practice of Thai Massage adapted for use on the massage couch. This allows you to provide fully clothed treatments, which can be done at your own clinic or can be taken directly to your clients. You will learn the art of sinking deep into tissues and gain vital body listening skills as part of this unique treatment.

8 July – Certificate in Thai Foot Massage – 1-day
Course price - £130 – with CThA discount - £105
Inspire Massage Workshops is one of the only schools in the UK to offer a traditional Thai Foot Massage Course developed by therapists who have actually studied in Thailand. This easy and fun workshop teaches you Thai Foot Massage, which is a treatment that produces a deep and unique feeling of balance, relaxation and well-being.

Find all of these workshops and more at our website:

Don’t forget to use voucher code 25 when booking your course to receive £25 off of any of our summer workshops.

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