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Posted Jun 18 2012 10:10PM

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Complementary therapies and orthodox treatments?

What are the roles of complementary therapies in relation to orthodox treatments?
Julie King
Sep 27 2012 8:31PM
I've just had this conversation with my GP when he referred to me as an "alternative" therapist. I asked him politely to use the term "complementary" therapist. I don't like the term "alternative" it implies that you can either do one thing or the other which isn't true. I am working with my GP to try to help his pain patients when they have had all the investigations, no further medical intervention is identified and their medical option is painkillers. As I explained to him, they may not lose the pain altogether with complementary therapies but if it reduces their requirement for painkillers and gives them a better quality of life then him prescribing painkillers and me providing complementary therapies is a teamwork approach, not an either/or approach which is how it should be in my book. People from both sides of the fence are as guilty of nurturing this impression of you can't do both and we need to get away from it.

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