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Posted by Chantal Fabrice, Jun 25 2012 8:25PM

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Sound Healing 'SoundBath' in Blackheath SE3 - Friday 29th June

SoundBaths in Blackheath!

When: Friday 29th June 2012

Where: Blackheath Quaker Meeting House, 53 Lawn Terrace, SE3 9LF

Cost: £10 advance payment (£12 on the door)

6:30pm: Prenatal SoundBath (Dads and Newborns welcome too!)
8:00pm: Relaxing SoundBath for All

Lie down and enjoy a relaxing 'SoundBath' with the gentle healing
vibrations of Himalayan and Crystal Singing Bowls, the intuitive sounding voice and gentle percussions, bathing your whole body in a wonderfully cleansing and healing sonic massage, deeply relaxing, yet energizing!

Allow yourself to be transported on this musical and magical journey, going to the depth of your inner being and reconnecting with yourself.

Main benefits include physical relaxation, calming mind & emotions, releasing the denser energies that often hold us in a place of fear, ill-health or negativity, recharging and energizing, and if you’re pregnant, a greater bonding experience with your baby! Sound works on a cellular level, it goes to the core!

If you're pregnant, a Sound Bath is the perfect way to relax! Not only will you be bathed in relaxing sound vibrations but so will your baby! Water is the best conductor for sound, think of all the fluid in your body, think of all the amniotic fluid your baby is in!

To book your place, contact Chantal on 020 8265 4308
or email at

Please wear comfortable clothing. Bring your own yoga mat to lie down, a blanket and cushions for extra comfort.
Helene Lomenech
Jun 25 2012 11:24PM
Hi Chantal
How long does it last? I'd be interested in joining in the 'soundbath for all' at 8pm but I would like to include my 12 year old son if it's possible, and I am concerned that he might get tired by that time? Also may I ask if you have a discount for children?
Thank you very much!
Chantal Fabrice
Jun 25 2012 11:48PM
Hi Hélène,
It usually lasts for about 1 hour and should not finish later than 9.15pm.
How about £8 for your son, would this be acceptable?
Does he have any health issues? If you want to email me privately, you can do so at
I'll email you some forms.
Many thanks and I look forward to seeing you on Friday!

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