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Posted by Margaret Papoutsis, Jul 11 2012 10:55AM

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TRADITIONAL USUI REIKI has been practised in the UK since the early nineties, and several expanded variants have emerged since that time. One such is Seichem, a system which includes not only Reiki (which is described as Earth energy), but also healing frequencies of Water, Air/Spirit and Fire. This combination of synergistic vibrations makes for a powerful and balanced therapeutic tool which is easy to use and more adaptable than many other systems.

Despite the popularity of Reiki as a therapy, there has not been an opportunity for practitioners to learn this powerful healing modality in a way which is specifically slanted towards their particular needs. Most members of the public look to Reiki for help and empowerment in their personal lives, and for many of them this is their first step towards spiritual development - so inevitably courses are structured with this in mind. Conversely, therapists have usually progressed a long way down this particular path earlier in their career, and may find this approach less relevant, and perhaps a little frustrating.


However, there is now an alternative route to Reiki/Seichem which is focused on the practitioner/patient dynamic – concentrating on using this versatile system in a clinical setting. Not everyone wants to use healing as a separate entity within their therapeutic armoury, but every therapist can benefit from increased energy levels, sharpened intuition and improved efficiency.

Many Reiki systems are based on the use of complicated and time-consuming protocols, which can be invaluable as an introduction to spiritual discipline. However this approach does not always lend itself to convenient inclusion in a busy multiple-therapy practice. Seichem, on the other hand, is not only easy to learn, it has moved beyond much of the ritualistic requirement of most other traditions. In this way it slots seamlessly into any complementary therapy scenario.


Whatever your preferred speciality, Seichem will enhance your effectiveness and help you in ways you never imagined. It is not only bodyworkers, massage practitioners and beauty therapists who can benefit – anyone who uses communication, counselling, resonance, energetic or vibrational techniques will find this integrated approach invaluable. The system is suitable for any type of therapist, including those who have already trained in another form of Reiki. (If this is the case, please contact us for information.)The teaching is specifically clinical, emphasizing the many and various ways that this therapy can be used in complementary practice.


The course is taught over one extended day, providing 8 hours of concentrated tuition and attunements.
(5 CThA points, 8 hours CPD)
The next event is scheduled for Sunday October 7th 2012, at a venue near Croydon.
£140 (£120 if booked in advance)
£90 for those who have been previously attuned to another form of Reiki. NB Proof of attunement is required.

MARGARET PAPOUTSIS is an Osteopath and Nutritional Therapist who practises several other complementary therapies.

She trained in traditional Usui Reiki in the early nineties. This was followed by Seichem mastership in 1997. She has combined her many years of experience as both a practitioner and a Seichem teacher to produce in-depth courses which are unique in their therapeutic approach.
For more details and registration go to

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