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Posted by Mariette Lobo, Aug 9 2006 11:17PM

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A New Way Forward in Healing: New Results, New Hope

We are delighted to invite you to one of the biggest complementary therapy conferences ever to be held in the UK which takes place on Thursday 7th September 2006 at the Perth Concert Hall, Perth, Scotland.

Organised by the ‘The New Hope Centre’, a Scottish-based healthcare charity, this international conference will bring together renowned speakers from all over the world to talk about many different complementary therapies - how they can work with conventional medicine and how they can really make a difference to patient care.

The focus is very much on the evidence around why complementary therapies do work, offering a scientific explanation as well as presenting numerous case studies which show incredible results. Many of the people featured were originally let down by the conventional healthcare system before turning to other therapies.

A key highlight of the day is the showcasing of Cell Care 3A Therapy a relatively unknown, but highly successful, therapy that originated in Denmark. Cell Care 3A is proven to dramatically improve the immune system especially in those who suffer from a wide range of ailments such as M.E., M.S., IBS, strokes, asthma, skin conditions, brain injuries, autism and many more.

Keynote speakers include the respected Dr Kim Jobst, Editor-In-Chief of the Journal for Alternative and Complementary Medicine and Andrea Foulkes, resident hypnotherapist on ITV’s ‘This Morning’. There will also be an opportunity to learn more about the effects that music has on the brain which takes music therapy to a whole new level. You will be presented with evidence that shows that music actually has a positive effect on the brain and, when delivered through a particular audible frequency, music can actually stimulate parts of the brain which may be dormant in autistic or brain injured people. There will be a live demonstration of this music and its phenomenal power by its producer, Yaatri of BrainHeart Music.

This event is a must for anyone who wants to learn more about improving the UK’s healthcare system or has a general interest in learning more about complementary therapies and who they benefit. As well as promising to be a stimulating day, the conference content qualifies for Continuous Professional Development points.

The day starts at 10am and finishes at 5pm. Tickets cost £50.00 per person and are available from or telephone 0845 612 6320.

We very much look forward to seeing you there.

With very best wishes.

Joyce McIntyre
Founder, The New Hope Centre

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