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Posted by Jane Hopwood, Jul 31 2012 12:51PM

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Hi, I have white towels and a two towels after a client treatment were stained over a large area with brown. I thought it might be self-tanning or something but have tried several methods to remove the stain and nothing has worked yet. Any ideas? Kind regards Jane
Kathryn Kemp
Jul 31 2012 1:03PM
Hi Jane

I had a towel stained brown - turned out to be henna from a fake tattoo - had to dump it, nothing worked. Hope it isn't that.

Could only suggest weak bleach if towel is white.

Kind regards
Jane Hopwood
Jul 31 2012 1:19PM
Thanks it it such a large area - like the back. I dont know how much bleach to use as last time i tried that on a towel part the fibre disintegrated. Do you know what proportion bleach to water. Thanks a lot
Nicki Lee
Jul 31 2012 1:29PM
You might try dying the towels black or dark brown, towelling should take a dye well.

Good luck!
Angela Rawlins
Jul 31 2012 3:16PM

Over the years I've had whites stain:( a fairly new sheet. I'd used strong Ariel to no avail. I put it on the clothes line on a sunny day and hey presto - turned white:)) Try that or as said before, dye it
Amanda Clegg
Jul 31 2012 6:13PM
I use Ace laundry bleach which you pre-treat with and agitate into the fabric then add a little more to the wash. Also add a good large handful of DP Washing/Laundry soda crystals to the machine along with bio soap powder (laundry liquids are not as good) - this I do routinely as it's really good at getting oily towels properly clean, and yes, dry in the sun wherever possible.
Jane Hopwood
Aug 1 2012 9:14AM
Thanks everyone for good advice. I will try again. I am using a liquid, so will get bio powder and also try the crystals and hang on line. Not giving up yet. Jane
Amanda Clegg
Aug 1 2012 10:14AM
Crystals should be about 90p/kilo in supermarket. Don't get from Robert Dyas as they seem to charge the earth! Be careful that its DP laundry soda in green bag, and not caustic soda for drains!
Mai Brain
Aug 4 2012 8:26PM
Try dyeing them brown in the washing machine.
Mai Brain
Aug 4 2012 8:27PM
Sorry someone has already suggested that.

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