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Posted by Janice Barrett, Sep 18 2012 3:06PM

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First aid courses - your opinions please!

I have recently qualified as a massage therapist but have been working as a qualified nurse for over 24 years. I still work in the NHS as a nurse in a specialist London hospital and regularly teach resuscitation. I have run first aid courses for a number of years, mainly for expedition leaders working in remote areas but also for office workers and school teachers. I believe that first aid is a skill we should all learn and have supported the recent campaign to have it introduced into the national curriculum. I also believe in making the training as practical and fun as possible but ensuring that people leave confident in their skills with realistic expectations. I am thinking of developing a tailored course for therapists but would like your opinion. During my massage training, I was aware of how many of my fellow students felt under-confident in this area which is why I am now asking for your help.

Firstly - would you want to attend a course tailored towards therapists?
Secondly - how long a course would you want? The industry standards are 1/2 day minimum, 1 day, 2 day or 3 day depending on the depth required
Thirdly - which days of the week/times would work best for most therapists?
And lastly - is there anything specific you think should be included?

Many thanks for reading this and I look forward to reading your opinions.

Mike Colquhoun
Sep 19 2012 12:58PM
Hi Jannice
You are not the first with a question about first aid courses
Posted by Jodie Wadmore, Jan 19 2012 4:29PM
First Aid Requirements
Can anyone please tell me if it is a legal requirement to have a first aid qualification before you start to treat clients?
this got 18 replies so a good subject.
Yours aye Mike
Janice Barrett
Sep 20 2012 11:14AM
Thanks for that Mike - I'll look it up.
Mai Brain
Sep 23 2012 7:05PM
I had been a First Aider at work before training to be a therapist and kept my certificate up to date so I did a 2 day refresher course but apparently I only needed to do a 1 day refresher course as I was not attending many people being a therapist. I think that it is important to have some First aid experience as we do treat the public and if something unfortunate happened you would probably not panic so much.

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