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Posted by Sandra Taylor, Sep 21 2012 10:48PM

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Numbness after reflexology

I have a client who experiences numbness, running down little fingers and down the outside of the hand, for about 20 seconds after a reflexology treatment. Has anyone else come across this and any ideas of the cause?

Many thanks

Sandie Taylor
Mai Brain
Sep 23 2012 6:53PM
Perhaps she was sitting in a position that stop circulation to her fingers I wouldn't have thought it was anything to worry yourself about it was only for 20 seconds, next time make sure she is not leaning on her wrists just have them relaxed beside her or place on her tummy.
Sandra Taylor
Sep 23 2012 10:54PM
Many thanks for your comments, but we have tried all that! Has happened so many times now that she is not at all worried, but I was just interested to see if anyone else had any answers - thanks

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