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Posted by Suan-Lee Clynick, Sep 30 2012 5:05PM

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REPORT: Central & North London, 28th September meeting

REPORT on CNL Meeting - 18th September

We located our 2nd toe, aligned our joints, engaged our core muscles and using our legs wiggled our hips all over the room. There was much to discover as we paired and using our new knowledge of pilates techniques, practiced on each other.

“Speed-dating” was next on the agenda as the group networked with each other. Business cards were exchanged, contacts made and meetings arranged.

The buzz continued with 2 cakes to celebrate the group’s 1st anniversary.
Thank you to all who came to support the group and make the occasion extraordinary!

Next meeting: Tuesday, 20th November, ENERGETIC BOUNDARIES

Mob: 07811780622
CThA Co-ordinator for Central & North London Group
Leah Christodoulou
Oct 5 2012 2:00PM
Hi There, Im really interested in the Energetic Boundaries meeting....can anyone explain a little more of what you wil be covering? Kind regards, Leah
Suan-Lee Clynick
Oct 6 2012 3:59PM
Hi Leah,
Energetic Boundaries refers to the different methods we can use to protect ourselves from our clients' energies. There will be more info posted on the Forum nearer the date of the meeting. I do hope you will be interested enough to come and join us.
Kind regards, Suan
Leah Christodoulou
Oct 6 2012 9:16PM
Thank Suan, sounds great! Will hopefully see you there.
Leah Christodoulou
Oct 6 2012 10:13PM
p.s do i just turn up? first meeting i will be going to so im not sure of how things work!
Suan-Lee Clynick
Oct 6 2012 11:52PM
Hi Leah,
Yes, you can just turn up and be signed in and be able to meet the rest of the group and enjoy the meeting.
Kind regards, Suan

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