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Posted by Melanie Weaver, Oct 5 2012 4:54PM

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A bit of a scam

Has anyone been emailed by this scammer?

One Logan Cooper, allegedly from Belfast Northern Ireland, apparently wants to book 42 hour-long massages in November for 7 people from Malaysia and Spain. The 'translator does not have credit card faccilities (sic) and all the fund budgeted for these trip have been accredited on the credit card'. 'Mr Cooper' wishes to pay £4000 by credit card; then I keep £1000 for a deposit, send 'the translator' £1,3000 (yes - exactly that number of 0's), then the rest will be paid to my clinic in cash. Meanwhile, he has requested my full name, address and phone number to 'proceed' the payment. Well dodgey!

Amanda Clegg
Oct 5 2012 5:22PM
Ho Ha, does he think we were born yesterday!
Neville Dalton
Oct 5 2012 5:39PM
Don't forget to give him your bank account details! Luckily, most criminals aren't bright enough to send e-mails without mistakes in. But a useful reminder to us all that they're about.
Nicki Lee
Oct 5 2012 6:21PM
Sadly, some people must fall for this sort of thing as they keep on doing it. Most are laughably transparent, but some are pretty sophisticated so you have to be on your guard!
Luckily all those messages from saying my bank account is going to be frozen unless I click the link to report it are never from my own bank! I'm sure they've caught a lot of people out though.
Thanks for passing this one on, although you say, this one is pretty obvious.
Sue Hannaford
Oct 5 2012 8:01PM
Ooooh!!!!! Wonder which poor person has had their credit card cloned....!!

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