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Posted by Hands Inc, Oct 6 2012 4:49PM

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Menopause Workshop, London 20-21st Oct 2012

I am hosting a workshop called The Menopause as a Rite of Passage with Annie Spencer in Islington, North London on 20-21st October.
The menopause is one of the greatest and least understood of women’s’ blood rites. We lose our fertility and let go of the dreams of life that have sustained us since adolescence. Is there a thread that will lead us through a labyrinth of symptoms, misconceptions and fears to reclaim the spiritual initiation it holds for us?
You may be coming up to this phase of your life, or may have transitioned through it, for others it may still be a long way away. Whatever phase you are in, or whatever relationship you have with your cycle, the workshop is about creating a space where women can come together to tell our stories, honour our femininity and celebrate those amongst us that have passed through the menopause. We will share experiences and explore ways of dealing creatively with challenges both emotional and physical.
We will share experiences and explore ways of dealing creatively with challenges both emotional and physical. We will call for spirit helpers for support and guidance.
Please see the attached flyer for more information. For more information about Annie Spencer and her work go to,

The fee for the workshop is £165, and there are some concessionary places. Please contact me for further details and booking.
If you are part of any networks or know anyone that you think this might be of interest to, please forward. There is very little work out there honouring this period of our lives as women and your support with passing the word on is appreciated.

May You Walk In Beauty,
07754 467 269

Debbie Murphy
Apr 5 2013 12:33AM

I have just looked at your comment.

I have a few ladies who are suffering menopause symptoms and the most common is lack of sleep.

I provide massage and acupuncture with relaxation techniques and food advice.

Would you suggest anything else?
Is aromatherapy massage recommend more than Swedish massage?

Warmest regards

Hands Inc
Apr 5 2013 10:47AM
I wouldn't put one treatment over another. I think it will completely depend on what the client is most responsive to.

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