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Posted by Helen Rae Coleman, Oct 15 2012 8:56PM

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Corporate massage

Hi, I'd like to get into corporate massage (in the Milton Keynes area) but have no idea how to begin approaching companies, does anyone have any advice on the best way to do this? Thanks
Neville Dalton
Oct 15 2012 11:22PM
Hello. I'm not sure my experience is necessarily the best one for you to follow.
I wrote to about 25 different businesses in the town centre, offering to pop in to discuss options and details.

I even got replies from three or four!

Needless to say, it hasn't proved a big part of my work, although I'm sure it can be successful.
Maybe someone else will have a more effective suggestion for you.

As a matter of interest, I did - where possible - address the letters personally to relevant people. I know it didn't get me much work, but those who did respond seemed to like that touch!
Good luck.
Helen Rae Coleman
Oct 16 2012 8:29AM
Thankyou, all replies are useful! I think a personal touch goes a long way too, I will definitely take that advice.

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