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Posted by Roxanne Degarie, Oct 19 2012 11:41AM

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Health & Safety of my table

Hi! Silly question perhaps, but, trying to work out on How to make sure my table is still safe and the max weight bearing? The website of the manufacturer I got it from no longer So any comments/tips highly appreciated! The brand is Wave 02
Nicki Lee
Oct 19 2012 11:49AM
Wow, what an excellent question! I'm sorry that I don't have any idea, but it does raise the question of whether tables should be checked periodically - maybe in the same way electrical equipment has be to regularly tested. Luckily mine is a huge electric table so I don't have this issue at the moment, but I suppose my massage chair could be having some sort of metal fatigue.

I'll be interested in seeing what other therapists advise, and do themselves. I did hear that a therapist at a local event last summer had her table collapse with a client on it - luckily it sort of slowly sank down and no one was hurt.

I suppose if it is wooden a carpenter could advise if structurally sound, if metal maybe some sort of engineering firm?

Good luck, and let us know what you do.

Roxanne Degarie
Oct 19 2012 12:01PM
yes it is a wooden structure
Roxanne Degarie
Oct 19 2012 12:02PM
oh! this discussion should be in General Discussion! sorry, how to transfer it?

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